Insider Fast release notes: 15.36 (170530)

Updated June 2, 2017 w/ fixed known issue (last bullet in "top bug fixes..." below)

Here's a look at the top fixes and improvements for this week's update, 15.36 (170530):


Top bug fixes and improvements:

  • New sidebar: Delete All now works properly for folders in All Accounts
  • New sidebar: After deleting an account, unread counts for folders in All Accounts are properly updated
  • Templates: Template files sent via email now open correctly
  • Send later: Reply and forward headers now show actual delivery time instead of scheduled time
  • When switching from Kerberos to another authentication method, the new method is now used instead of Kerberos
  • Performance has been improved for Empty Cache for folders and bulk permanent delete
  • Crash on launch with log stating "Key is missing or has been deleted" has been fixed (known issue from last week)


Known issue:

  • Certificate for keeps prompting intermittently
    • This issue is being actively investigated; stayed tuned for updates


Other notes:

  • For any issues, please use Help > Contact Support
  • For feature requests, please use Help > Suggest a Feature
  • For weekly updates with the latest features and fixes listed here, join Insider Fast!
  • Want to try Outlook but don’t have a subscription or license? Get Outlook Preview!


Comments (21)

  1. Michael Schomburg says:

    MS team

    This blog is very helpful, is there a similar page dedicated to weekly updates for the Excel application too?

  2. Michael Schomburg says:

    on delay send, i see it goes to my drafts folder, but it doesnt allow for editing. i do see a new icon with the clock which is a nice touch.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Michael. For Send Later, editing the message isn’t currently supported. You can copy the contents of the message into a new message, and then press Cancel Send to delete the message permanently and cancel sending the message. I’m not aware of a similar page for other Office apps, but we’re working closely with other app teams and the Insider program to expand coverage of Insider updates. Stay tuned!

      1. Michael Schomburg says:

        Jeffrey thank you sir!

        1. Sunder Raman says:

          We have an updated workflow for cancel send in 15.36.17606 rolling out today! Please try it out:

  3. peter davey says:

    When will we see iCloud calendar, tasks and contact support

    1. No timeline to share. Now that Google Calendar and Contacts is available in Insider Fast, we’re focusing on responding to feedback and improving the experience to expand to more users. iCloud Calendar and Contacts is currently the next most popular service to support in terms of feature requests on our UserVoice site.

  4. Marko Koivuniemi says:

    Does anyone has problems with scandinavic characters – friend send me (Outlook 2016 Mac Insider Fast with macOS Sierra and Google IMAP account) normal UTF-8 /7-bit email but thos alphabets (like:Ä) doesn’t show normally. These messages shows fine using Gmail’s site or Apple Mail.

    1. Hi Marko. Please message us via Help menu > Contact Support for help. Thanks!

  5. Roger says:

    Hi MS team,
    I’ve updated to Outlook 15.36 (170530) but have issues since yesterday morning. Mails are not sync:ed as it seems the Outlook client has issues to authenticate with Exchange server. Receiving a: “Server Error – 401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.”
    Password has not been changed recently…
    More details posted here:

    1. Hi Roger. Please message us via Help menu > Contact Support. I just posted on the Answers thread, too.

  6. Jeremy says:

    It looks like this fixed an issue with the Reading Pane. In the last update, my reading pane would not update as I switched emails in my inbox. Ended up just turning it off. Fixed in this update.

  7. Amit says:

    Need to enable rich signature support. Cant do any font change, colour size etc. Also cant add graphics in signature like image.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Amit. When editing a signature, use the Format menu to access rich editing options, such as fonts, lists, hyperlinks, and images. You can also paste content from other apps into the signature editor. If you have any questions or issues, please message us via Help menu > Contact Support for more assistance.

  8. Russell says:

    hi … unfortunately “Send later: Reply and forward headers now show actual delivery time instead of scheduled time” still doesn’t seem to work — at least on iOS, where the native mail app headers show the time the email was composed/scheduled, rather than actual delivered. I’ve been meaning to send this for a while but have just been busy, and have already got a more recent update (15.36 170608) and just tested it again and remains a problem. thanks.

    1. Hi Russell. I do see this in iOS Mail app. Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take a look. The fix mentioned is specific to Outlook for Mac, and I did notice everything looks good in Outlook for iOS, too.

  9. renan says:

    Hi guys. I have a problem regarding attachments on Outlook 365 for Mac. All users on company get the same issue. The attachments are always greys out and cannot be opened.
    This freezes the app on El Capitan (updated). I’m using the latest build 15.36.
    Searched for help but got no handy information out there. Would you help me?


    1. Sunder Raman says:

      Hi Renan, please contact us using Help > Contact Support for the attachments issue.


  10. Lim says:

    On 15.36 (170613), and it does not sync any mail with Google Account (I have Google for Work account). Calendar syncs fine, but just no emails. It was like this with the 15.36 version right before this latest update to 170613 also, but it all of a sudden started to prompt for activation of Outlook for Mac. After upgrade to 15.36 (170613), it doesn’t ask for activation anymore, however, no email sync.

    1. Hi Lim. Please message us within Outlook via Help > Contact Support for help.

      1. Lim says:

        Thanks Jeffrey for response. I already have, but have not received any response yet. I’ll do it again.

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