Insider Fast release notes: 15.35 (170509)

Here's a quick look at this week's Insider Fast update: 15.35 (170509):


New feature:

  • Send Later, also called Delayed Send, is now available! This is the #2 feature request for Outlook; more details here


Update on known issue from last week:

  • Inline .jpeg images no longer increase in size when replying to email sent from Outlook for Windows


Top bug fixes and improvements:

  • Groups: search can now be performed in Groups folders in the mail view
  • Performance improvements targeting free/busy, managing delegates, contact photos, and distribution lists
  • Meetings invitations can now be accepted or declined when display names contain backslashes or double quotations
  • Extra spaces are no longer inserted in the message body when replying all to a meeting



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Comments (3)

  1. Mark Grigsby says:

    Can you please clarify this point “The envelope badge on the Outlook app icon in Dock indicating unseen mail has been removed to reduce confusion”? There is active discussion on the community asking for this to return, but nobody has been asking for it to be removed due to confusion. Also this seems to have been applied in 15.33 but is only in the latest release notes – has it changed again? Ideally this envelope icon could be configurable, but it feels very much like a missing functionality and regression vs the Windows version to simply remove it??

    1. UPDATE: This change was introduced in 15.33. Good catch. I will update the release notes.

      Thanks Mark. We removed the envelope badge for two reasons:
      1) We provide a red badge containing the count of unread messages across inbox folders, which is common for apps on the Mac (and iOS). Thus, we were receiving feedback that having two badges on the icon, one for unseen (the envelope) and another for unread count (the red circle), which are two distinct pieces of information, was confusing. Note that Windows Outlook doesn’t have the unread count on the icon in the taskbar, only the envelope for unseen. This is an area where we are choosing to follow the Apple platform instead of aligning with Windows.
      2) The envelope badge itself was overlapping the “O” in the Outlook icon to create the appearance of a lock icon, prompting additional feedback around whether Outlook was in a locked state, a second source of confusion. It also didn’t help that our new icon for Outlook 2016 has an envelope within the icon itself, so showing the envelope for unseen messages created a “double envelope” appearance.

      We’re continuing to monitor feedback on this change, so really appreciate the comment.

      1. Mark Grigsby says:

        Thanks Jeffrey. That additional explanation helps a lot and I do agree it’s more in-keeping with the Mac / iOS look n feel. It would be interesting to know what the majority view is – since of course people only ‘complain’ when they don’t like something (e.g. people before asking to remove, people now asking to keep), but I can certainly see both points of view here. Ideally of course it could be configurable but I appreciate that request won’t be high on your priority list!

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