Support for Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

[Last Updated August 1, 2017]

Attachments larger than 10MB cannot be sent, even though the Gmail limit is 25MB.  This is an open bug being investigated.

Outlook for Mac 2016 Now Supports Google Calendar and Contacts (Preview)

Starting in March, Office 365 subscribers receiving Insider Fast releases will have access to Google contacts and calendar by adding a new “Google” account.

To learn more about how Outlook for Mac will support Google accounts, read this blog post.  Below are some known issues you may see while helping us test this new capability.

** Note: You must have IMAP enabled in your Gmail settings in order for the new Google account to work.  You must also have "Show in IMAP" checked for "All Mail," Trash," "Drafts," and Inbox in the "Labels" tab of Gmail settings.


If you have a large Gmail mailbox, initial download of your complete mailbox to Outlook for Mac may take some time due to data limitations by Google.  You do not have to wait for your entire mailbox to download in order to use your Gmail account in Outlook.  All new email will be sent or received without delay.  However, depending on the size of your mailbox, older messages may not be available in Outlook for minutes up to a few days.

Labels in Gmail appear as folders in Outlook.  If you create or update a label in Gmail, it may take up to 24 hours for the corresponding folder change to appear in Outlook.

Creating, renaming, or deleting folders (Gmail labels) in Outlook is not yet supported.

The "All Mail" folder may show with the name "Archive".

The "Drafts" folder currently does not sync to Gmail.  However, it does sync FROM Gmail to Outlook.

Rules are not currently supported.  If this is an important feature to you, please go to the following site and vote for it:



Free/busy attendee availability in the scheduling view is now available!

If events on your Google calendar are not displayed in Outlook’s calendar, please make sure you have checked the corresponding Google calendar checkbox in the left pane of Outlook's calendar window.

In order to respond to meeting invitations  from Google, the meeting must show on your calendar.  The Google Calendar web app provides a setting that controls whether meetings in invitations will show on your calendar.  This setting must be set to “Yes” in order to respond to meetings in Outlook.  In a browser, go to Google Calendar’s settings ("gear" icon at top right) -> Settings -> “General” tab -> “Automatically add invitations to my calendar”.  Select either one of the “Yes” options for that setting.

Calendars shared with you in Google Calendar will automatically appear in the left pane of Outlook's calendar view.  The "Open Shared Calendar" button does not apply to Google calendars.  Note: There is currently a 20-calendar limit for calendars shared with you.

If you create an event on your calendar in Outlook, its default visibility is “Public,” regardless of your Google Calendar settings.  To ensure the event is not publicly visible, right-click on the event in the Outlook calendar and select “Private,” or open the event and click the lock icon in the  ribbon.

Recurring series in a shared calendar owned by someone else will not appear on your calendar.

Attachments in events are not currently supported.

Deleting a meeting sends a response to the organizer even if you choose not to from Outlook.

The “Birthdays” calendar in Google Calendar appears as “Contacts” in Outlook’s left-hand calendar pane.

The special “Weather” calendar in Google will not appear in Outlook.

Adding Google Hangouts is currently not supported.  If this is an important feature to you, please go to the following site and vote for it:



In order to see your Google contacts in Outlook, please make sure the corresponding account is checked in the left pane of the Contacts window.

All of your contacts from Google will download to Outlook as soon as you add your Google account, but subsequent changes made in the Google Contacts web app will not be downloaded unless you click on the contacts folder in the left pane or right-click on the contacts folder and select "Synchronize Now."  Changes you make to contacts in Outlook will be always be uploaded to Google immediately.

The following contacts fields are fully supported between Google and Outlook for Mac:  Name (First, Middle, Last), Suffix, Title, Company, Department, Nickname, Emails, Phones, Notes.

The “Address” fields in Google Contacts will be displayed in Outlook, but cannot be modified.  The address type (Home, Work, Custom) is not shown in Outlook.

Other fields in Google Contacts may not be supported in Outlook for Mac and are not displayed.  Please provide us feedback on the unsupported fields that are important to you.



Please help us improve this feature by providing bug reports, suggestions, and other feedback using “Help” -> “Contact Support”.

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