Windows 10 and Dynamics NAV

We’ve been validating compatibility between Windows 10 and Dynamics NAV for many months now. Windows 10 became generally available in July, and some of you are eager to start deploying Dynamics NAV on Windows 10.

Dynamics NAV 2016 was Windows 10 compatible on release.

Compatibility was confirmed in the cumulative updates that we shipped in October for Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 and Dynamics NAV 2015 and November for Dynamics NAV 2013.

This blog post was updated in March 29, 2016, with links to the Cumulative Updates that confirmed compatibility.

Comments (17)

  1. Capone says:

    So in other words, NAV 2013- 2015 is not compatible with windows 10 out of the box for the current versions of these?

    I guess that also means that < 2013 versions are not also compatible (I know the support for these versions have ended)?

  2. Jens Glathe says:

    For NAV2015 I can confirm this. NAV2009R2 does install, but you need to disable "Scroll on inactive windows", as shown here: <iframe src=" width="320" height="190" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> and on mibuso:…/viewtopic.php

  3. MA says:

    We are using NAV2015 on windows 10 without any problems.

  4. Capone says:

    I got a tip about this link were it is tried all NAV versions on windows 10:

  5. The cmdlets for merging (Model.Tools) are currently not compatible, lots of errors at runtime that weren't there before and ruined code afterwards (Split-Cmdlet deletes code from split pages unless -PreserveFormatting is switched on etc.)

  6. navteam says:

    Hello all,

    We can see that there has been some confusion about our pre-announcement of compatibility, so we hope this clarifies things:

    We know already now that Dynamics NAV 2016 will be compatible with Windows 10 when we release.

    We have not confirmed compatibility with Windows 10 for any supported version of Dynamics NAV. If you choose to upgrade to Windows 10 on computers where Dynamics NAV is installed before we have confirmed compatibility, you may or may not experience issues. So we recommend that you wait until we do confirm compatibility. As noted above, we expect to be able to confirm compatibility in our October cumulative updates.

    Finally, as per our support matrix, we only test for compatibility for the versions of Dynamics NAV that are in mainstream support. At time of writing, this includes Dynamics NAV 2013, Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, and Dynamics NAV 2015.

  7. Peter says:

    Hello navteam.

    Where can I find the current NAV Support Matrix?

  8. nadjib says:

    i try to install NAV 2013 in Microsoft Tblette PRO4 , i have these message , the install search the ocsetup , and i dont have it anyway
    how can i resolve these probléme
    best regrds

    1. Elmer says:

      did you solve this problem. I’m having the same issue installing nav 2013 on a tablet. missing ocsetup.exe. any help to solve this is greatly appreciated.

  9. LordM says:

    Any news on this? Couldn’t find any updated news on compatibility of the mainstream versions of NAV with Windows 10.

    1. navteam says:

      Sorry for the delay, but we updated this blog post with links to the Cumulative Updates that confirm compatibility with Windows 10.

  10. Joel Baines says:

    We have received that NAV2015 IS COMPATIBLE with Windows 10 . . . but ONLY if CU12 or later has been applied from to NAV 2015 on the server and client [you need to update both client and server and their CU level must match]. We just applied CU16, which has a lot of fixes for Windows 10 printing issues [mostly to do with margins from what I can see]

    You can find the announcement of Windows 10 compatability here:

    Very hard to find this information. It has taken 3+ weeks and a lot of prodding of MS by my VAR to get this information.

  11. MADYX says:

    it cant load the vile it needs to start the client

  12. Karen Kelley says:

    I already have Windows 10 installed on my pc. How do I do a new install of NAV 2015 on that pc since I can’t apply the updates until after I’ve installed NAV?

  13. Janie says:

    I just got windows 10 on my computer and run Microsoft Dynamic NAV Classic and now my mouse will not scroll. It scrolls on all of the other programs I use on this computer. Can you give me the fix for this please. Thank you, Janie

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