Disabling TLS 1.0 in Azure Web App using Application Gateway – PowerShell Automation

Azure Web Apps are a great way to deploy modern web applications in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment. One of the main advantages is that you do not need to manage your own server. There are, however, some situations where you need more control over the environment than a Web App will allow….


Azure Government Web App Authentication using Azure Commercial AAD – PowerShell Configuration

Azure Web Apps offer a generic mechanism for authentication and authorization. It is also know as “Easy Auth” because it is easy to enable and configure. It is available through the “Authentication/Authorization” pane in the Azure portal. Easy Auth offers authentication using a number of different identity providers such as Azure Active Directory (AAD), Facebook,…


Private TFS Deployment in Azure

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is a great platform for orchestrating your DevOps. It makes it easy to mix and match the tools you like to use for your CI/CD environment while providing a hosted platform for tying it all together. There are, however, scenarios where the Software as a Service (SaaS) version of VSTS…


Deleting an Azure Recovery Services Vault with all Backup Items

When I am prototyping Azure solutions with Azure Resource Manager templates and scripts, I often find myself allocating resources and when I am done, I will delete the entire resource group to clean up. If you have ever created some backups in Azure Recovery Services Vault you will know that you cannot simply remove the…


Open Source Private Traffic Manager and Regional Failover

Many web applications cannot tolerate downtime in the event of regional data center failures. Failover to a secondary region can be orchestrated with solutions such as Azure Traffic Manager which will monitor multiple end-points and based on availability and performance, users can be directed to the region that is available or closest to them. The…


Writing and Deploying a Database-Backed Website in Less Than 10 Minutes

One way to test your cloud development tooling is to see how fast you can actually get a real application up and running if you start from scratch and don’t copy/paste code from anywhere (except memory). How intuitive and easy is it to get from logic around business objects to something that is deployed in…


Managing Secrets in .NET CORE 2.0 Apps

There are two kinds of developers: 1) the ones who have (accidentally) checked passwords and connection strings into source code repositories and 2) the ones that lie about it. It is a problem, we have all done it. It is annoying. When developing ASP.NET applications, you can set yourself up so that it will not…


Searchable Sentiment Analysis Archive

TL;DR You can find a searchable archive of my previously described sentiment analysis of at https://inaugural.azurewebsites.net/. The website will not remain active indefinitely, I will take it down once the novelty has worn off. Let me know what you think. The full source code is available on GitHub. The application lets you do free text search…


Sentiment Analysis of US Presidential Inaugural Addresses

In this blog post, I will take a look at how we can use Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics API to analyze speeches in terms of their sentiment. This is continuation of my previous explorations of the Text Analytics API, I made an e-book sentiment analyzer, which I encourage you to read to get more…


E-Book Sentiment using Azure Cognitive Services

Have you ever wondered if a book that you are about to read is pretty positive or it is a bit of a depressing downer sort of book? Are you, like me, too lazy to actually read it to find out? Well, look no further. I have made a very simple e-book sentiment analyzer using…