Meet your 2016 Online Finals Winners!


Imagine Cup is all about games you cannot turn off, innovations that change the way you live, and applications that save lives. Imagine Cup helps young people see how the technology they create can not only shape their own futures, but can directly improve the lives of users.

Introducing the 2016 Imagine Cup Online Finals champions! Online finalists come from countries that do not host an Imagine Cup National Finals round. These six talented teams will proceed to compete head-to-head against the Imagine Cup National Finals winners at the World Semifinals, which are held online.

But the road doesn’t end there. The next round of winners will show off their hard work in Seattle at the Imagine Cup World Finals in July. One team each from the Games, Innovation and World Citizenship categories will be crowned Imagine Cup winners while the one team chosen as World Champion will meet face-to-face with Satya Nadella! Good luck to all and congratulations to our Online Finals champions!

Meet the winners!

Games Competition

The Void by Shooting Star Studios, Spain

When you feel yourself hollow, when all your hard work changes nothing, when you feel alone in darkness, trapped within your own mind, will you still seek happiness? Will you dare keep fighting to escape the Void?

Shooting Star Studios, Silvia Barbero


POINTS by WorkD, Côte d'Ivoire

POINTS is a turn based strategic game that allows you to play the game called "point-point" with rules adapted to digital format.

POINTS is comprised of Abraham Doumbia, Christian Wakablet, Desire Ouonouan, and Diakité Amadou Kaba.

Innovation Competition by, Canada is a universal Windows app that leverages cars' onboard sensors to display real-time and historical fuel efficiency data to drivers with compelling visualizations. is comprised of Scott Killeen and Will Thompson.

moderateIT by TrollBusters, Slovakia

moderateIT's goal is to get rid of offensive, poisonous and impolite comments in online discussions.

TrollBusters is comprised of Andrej Švec, Filip Vozar, Jakub Adam, and Monika Filipcikova.

World Citizenship Competition

Safe Driving by Safe Driving, Bolivia

This application is intended to lower the rates of accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. It would be very useful globally to prevent loss of life as well as property damage.

Team Safe Driving is comprised of Alison Parisaca Quispe, Katherine Ramos, Monica Hiliri Quelali and Rodrigo Diego Quispe Laura.

Dabo by Team Dabo, Canada

Dabo, Latin for “to give”, is an online platform that connects the world together through philanthropy. Dabo aims to leverage the power of crowd-sourcing and advanced geo-mapping technology to amplify the positive work that is being accomplished around the world.

Team Dabo is comprised of Ali Khokhar, Alex Adusei, Enoch Tam, Steve Emmanuel.

We look forward to watching these apps and teams develop and compete again in the World Semifinals, concluding at the end of May. The winners advancing to the World Finals in Seattle will be announced the first week of June. Follow all the exciting action on and on Twitter at @MSFTImagine.


Updated 5/3/16:

Team TechnoFunGames from Kuwait is a winner of the 2016 Kuwait Games National Final and will be representing Kuwait at the 2016 Imagine Cup Games World Semifinals.

Comments (24)

  1. Ashutosh Sharma says:

    can we get feedback on what were things which lacked on the idea, this will help us improve our idea before we lanuch to the market

    1. Ashutosh – unfortunately we cannot ask our judges to provide feedback to hundreds of teams, it would be far too much work.

  2. Andrés Gaviria says:

    Only 2 Games? Wow what happened? last year were many games……. In World Semifinalist….. I am totally disappointed with this event.

    1. Andres, two teams from each category move on from Online Finals to World Semifinals. We will be announcing all of the World Semifinalists in the next few weeks!

      1. Ashutosh Sharma says:

        Hi sir, is it possible for our team hetz to get feedback on our game. We want know where we went wrong or which part let us done. Thanks

      2. Andrés Gaviria says:

        I mean why only 2 teams in online finals

        1. Andres – the amount of Online Finals winners this year is the same as last. Please see:

  3. Filip Vozar says:

    Is there any way you could extend the deadline for the World Semifinals submissions? Right now the deadline on our dashboards says 05/02/2016, but we only received the results just now, that means we have only 2 days to prepare our submission.
    Also, could you please fix the link to moderateIT project profile? It points to project Thank you 🙂

    1. Filip – please send your concern your submission so that we can work with you. The link has been corrected, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

      1. Filip Vozar says:

        Thank you, we already did send an email earlier today.

  4. Jakub Šimko says:

    How many teams participated?

  5. Anik Chowdhury says:

    It’s totally disappointing to see just 2 teams in game catagory. This event should inspire us but now it’s totally disappointing in their approach.

    1. Anik, two teams from each category move on from Online Finals to World Semifinals just as last year. We will be announcing all of the World Semifinalists in the next few weeks!

  6. Alif Darsim says:

    hi may i ask. why did I still can change the submission for semiworld final.did the date is extended?

  7. Lakmal Buddika says:

    When will the World Finalists be announced ?

    1. As I mentioned in the blog post: “The winners advancing to the World Finals in Seattle will be announced the first week of June.” Good luck!

      1. Lakmal Buddika says:

        Thank you!

      2. Sasanka Kudagoda says:

        Hey Pablo,
        When will the world finalists be announces?
        The first week of June is almost over 🙂

  8. Simran Singh says:

    When will be the results of Earth competition announced?

      1. drenton72 says:

        No TouchDevelop winners in rounds 1 or 2? It is hard I suppose to compare a 2D games development tool to 3D ones like Project Spark and Kodu. I would also add that making games in TouchDevelop is far more tricky than in Kodu or even Project Spark. Any idea what will happen next year now that Project Spark has been killed off?

  9. António Serafim Cassinda says:

    When will the final announcement of all categories?

  10. Vishal Deka says:

    When will the imagine earth result be announced?

  11. Vishal Deka says:

    When will be the imagine earth round 3 results announced?

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