Announcing the 2016 Big Idea: Design Winners!

After a lot of deliberation, evaluation and review, the judges have given us their decisions. It's time to announce the winners of the Big Idea: Design Competition!

The 2016 Big Idea: Design Winners are:

In the Games category, our winner is Digital Interactive Games from South Africa, for Of Dragons and Sheep, their fast paced 3D sidescroller!

In the Innovation category, the winner is YOM from Australia, for their project Yesterday Once More, which helps people with dementia to remember.

In the World Citizenship category, Carroots from the United States takes the prize for their project Carroots, an educational dashboard that allows a user to discover career opportunities

Congratulations to all three winning teams, who will each receive the $3000 prize. And congratulations to our honorable mention teams, each of whom also submitted an excellent Design, and will receive a certificate of achievement for their efforts!

In the Games category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

In the Innovation category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

In the World Citizenship category, our Honorable Mention teams are:

<!--Judging for Big Idea: Design has already started, and we hope to see some of the same names in those awards!


We are thrilled to see some of the same teams from previous Challenges! It continues to show how the Challenges help to refine and strengthen your final projects, and the amazing submissions here are certainly evidence of that.

Now that the Big Idea contests have completed, you should start gearing up to submit your project to the 2016 Imagine Cup Global Competition! If you have't already, register now for the Imagine Cup category in which you would like to participate. Countries around the world are setting up their National Finals as you read this, so please keep an eye on the National and Online Finals page as well as your Dashboard for more details on how and when to submit your project. The competition is heating up with the 2016 Imagine Cup and we ca't wait to see what you all have in store for us!

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  1. abdel Hafid says:

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  3. mohamed salim ben jelloul says:


  4. Tushar Sah says:

    Can we submit a JAVA GUI Program in Imagine cup?

  5. Matthew Stone says:

    Can someone please tell me if a video submission is necessary for the online finals. The official rules pdf states only the project proposal,the actual software and software instructions. Im from Jamaica, info from microsoft would be much appreciated

    1. Video submission is not necessary – sorry for any confusion!

  6. Inderpreet Singh says:

    can anyone tell me what should be the length of video that need to be submitted in the 2nd round of imagine cup India….In the submit page it says 10 minutes and in the Imagine cup 2016 : India website it says 5 minutes

  7. Muhammad Rifky Haikal says:

    Hello, I’m from Big Idea Plan team winners, It says that the certificates for all three Big Idea winners is sent, but we still have’t received it. Can I ask where to find the certificates? Big thanks!

    1. Certificates have been posted to your profile page!

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