Pitch Your Idea in the Big Idea: Pitch Challenge

The Imagine Cup 2016 season is underway, and that means it’s time for the first of our challenges, the Big Idea: Pitch challenge! In previous years, this was called the Pitch Video Challenge, and although the name has changed, the task is the same: create a three minute video pitching your project to us, and you could win $3000 USD.

Young software developers around the world are asked every year to pitch their project to investors, partners, customers, publishers, and even potential teammates. It’s how you share your vision, how you persuade people that you don’t just have the right idea. You’re also the right person to make it happen.

You don’t need to be a developer to participate in the Big Idea challenges. All you need is a camera and a dream. Get your friends together, decide which of our three categories you want to participate in, and get to filming.

Games: Have you been dreaming of the world's most amazing game? Give us your concept! Pitch the game as though we're a game publisher. What's new? What's your game's market? What games is it like? Give us the 'elevator pitch' summary and get us as excited as you are!

Innovation: Maybe you have an idea that will shake things up. Pretend we're a group of investors. Why is your idea new? What's ground-breaking about it? How will it make money? What's the long-term plan, and what are your next steps to bring it to market?

World Citizenship: You want to change the world. Tell us about it! What's the problem you want to solve? What other solutions are out there? Who needs your solution, and why? Show us how well you understand the problem you want to tackle!

The deadline for submissions is September 30th at midnight GMT. That gives you a whole month to plan your video and perfect your pitch. Don’t wait; you could be our next Big Ideas winner and take home $3000!

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Comments (8)

  1. Obia Remmy says:

    Thank you microsoft!

  2. Oraldo Hoxhallari says:

    Hello Pablo, how can I contact you by email? I have some questions about my project and mu submission.

    Thank You, Oraldo

  3. Oraldo Hoxhallari says:


  4. Oraldo – I would be happy to help! Please contact me:

  5. Ashish Singha says:

    Where to submit thee pitch once its done??

    1. Once you have registered please visit the dashboard to submit:

  6. Muhammad Bilal Liaquat says:

    When you announce the result of the pitch video challenge ??

  7. jamaal cabdulahi says:

    yes! i have ideas so how can i upload my idea support a link

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