Announcing the 2015 UX Challenge Winners!

It’s time to announce the winners of our User Experience Challenge! The judges have reviewed 163 team entries from around the world and, after thorough analysis and review, the winners have been selected!

World Citizenship

First Place: LifePlus by Team Endeavour, India

LifePlus is a self-evolving social networking website that provides healthcare access to every citizen in the world. We are very proud to award them first prize of $3,000 in the World Citizenship category.


First Place: Hero Tourney by Rocket Wrench Studios, Jamaica

Hero Tourney is a 3d action game set in a tournament style where "Heroes" battle for glory! We are thrilled to award them the first prize of $3,000 in the Games category.



First Place: QFIT by Team IF Quest, Canada

QFIT is a fitness application that works with the Microsoft Band and adds quests and gamification to further encourage a user to get fit and stay active. We are thrilled to recognize award them the first prize of $3,000 in the Innovation category.

Honorable Mention

In addition to our three first-place winning teams, we also chose nine more teams per category to receive an Honorable Mention. They’ve made some great projects and we’re very happy to share their success with the world.

World Citizenship Honorable Mentions

  • Bengala, Brazil
  • CAFA_BwithU_studio, China
  • Doc, Romania
  • Dogma, Germany
  • Med Dawgs, United States
  • Rapid Response, Ireland
  • The Alpha Warriors, United Arab Emirates
  • UX Cyclones, United States
  • UX with fun, Ukraine

Games Honorable Mentions

  • ARSK, United States
  • brokenbyte, Canada
  • Digital Interactive Games, South Africa
  • Gumujeng, Indonesia
  • HTW, Brazil
  • Mad Wake, Serbia
  • Nihsaas, India
  • TeamBeta, Thailand
  • XOY, China

Innovation Honorable Mentions

  • Amplify, Ireland
  • Asteroid++, United Arab Emirates
  • Endeavour, India
  • LifeScreen, Czech Republic
  • Loconut, Latvia
  • Nano Studio, China
  • PUUUSH, United States
  • Tether, New Zealand
  • XIEMINJIE, China

We are thrilled to see some of the same teams from previous Challenges! It continues to show how the Challenges help to refine and strengthen your final projects, and the amazing submissions here are certainly evidence of that.

We can’t wait to see the results of the National and Online competitions, and we hope to see many of you in Seattle in July!

Pablo Veramendi
Imagine Cup Competition Manager
Microsoft Student Developers

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  1. Kārlis Mārtiņš Briedis says:

    Could you publish visual targets of these winning teams, so next year participants could take a look at them? Like you did year ago –

    1. Done – thanks for the great suggestion Karlis!

  2. Orane Campbell says:

    I can believe i won this awesome! i did my very best in the shortest time i had and it seemed to pay of well i’m glad it payed off 🙂

    1. Orane Campbell says:


    2. John Scott Tynes says:

      Congratulations, Orane! Like someone said: “It’s amazing how lucky I am when I work really hard.”

      1. Orane Campbell says:

        Thanks Scott I can only try even harder now eagerly awaiting the results for online finals

  3. Henrik Lábadi says:

    Is it Mad Wake, or some other team? Just because we are Mad Wake, and we are from Serbia 🙂

    1. Henrik Lábadi says:

      In Games, Honorable Mentios.

      1. I apologize, the entry has been corrected to reflect Serbia. Great work by you and your team!

  4. Kr.Sarsij Ravi says:

    when the result for national qualifiers will be out??

    1. The India team has notified us that results for India National Finals will be out by 9th April 10 PM IST. Apologies for the delay!

  5. MUKUL MEHTA says:

    its one day late from deadline and the result of india national qualifiers is not out yet … why???

  6. Prateek Jain says:

    Can we get a short review on our UX designs we submitted . Because it will help us to improve Ourselves..

  7. Abhijeet Shrivastava says:

    its been over 2 days now….please atleast tell us the date on which you are actually declaring the results for IC india national finals

  8. Isadora Sophia says:

    Hey, do you have any news about Brazil National Finals qualifiers? It’s been over a week now. Thanks!

  9. Samantha Akulick says:

    Glad we got in on this! 😀 It’s very exciting to be on this list.

  10. Surendra Singh Chhabra says:

    It’s 10:20 IST and the result is not declared yet !!

    1. Great to see your enthusiasm! The India Finalists have been posted:

  11. liu han says:

    Wow!! Our team won the Innovation Honorable Mentions!!
    Great job.

    1. liu han says:

      I’ve wrote a review about our team’s project. Here is the link:
      You are welcome to leave any commend and suggestion for me. Hope to learn from everyone.

  12. Rishabh Gupta says:

    It feels amazing after coming first in World Citizenship Category and getting an Honorable Mention in the Innovation category. When i first saw the results, it took more than 30 minutes to sink in. Hope we make it to the international finals still a long way to go. Thanks a lot Microsoft and Imagine Cup.

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