Meet the Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals Teams!

Wow! Our global judging panel has concluded their evaluations of more than 170 student projects from 76 countries in our World Semifinals round and they've found some incredible work. Imagine Cup student teams built projects that are fun, fascinating, surprising, and even life-changing. And now Microsoft will fly 35 top teams to Seattle at the end of July for the 2014 World Finals.

Watch the Webcast!

Our webseries Imagine Cup TV is back with a special episode! We cover every single team, talk about their projects, and get insights into technology industry trends from our guests including:

  • Akhtar Badshah of Microsoft Citizenship speaking on the use of technology for social good in the World Citizenship category
  • Rahul Sood of Microsoft Ventures speaking on student startups and the Innovation category
  • Andrew Parsons, longtime Imagine Cup games guru, talking about the latest trends in videogames

Watch it now thanks to Channel 9!

Main Competitions

Here are the winning teams! Click on each team's name to learn more about their project or visit our World Finalists page to see all the project descriptions together for easy reading!


Team Name Country Project Name
Liaison Team Brazil Liaison
Illogic Egypt Puppy in Bubble
AnarTeam France Anarcute
Spotlight Games Germany Mr. Skyjump
Genesis Greece Dementia: Tales of Blackthorn Manor
Seven Summits India Petite
Team NewAge Jamaica Project Exit
Bomon Korea Under bed
Animus Philippines FitPals
Brainy Studio Russia TurnOn


Team Name Country Project Name
ButterFly Bahrain Nail Polish Mixer
Chemicalium Bosnia and Herzegovina Chemicalium
claVision Canada claVision (Visual Automatic Piano Music Transcription)
ij Developers Cyprus LADYBUG
Tep Hungary Tep
Reverse Italy Reverse
Kazokugurumi Japan Kazokugurumi
Estimeet New Zealand Estimeet
Vanguard United Kingdom Ripple Uruguay flipped
Food&Gram Venezuela Food & Gram

World Citizenship

Team Name Country Project Name
Eyenaemia Australia Eyenaemia
Imagine The World China PersePhone
Access Earth Ireland Access Earth
High Rise Nigeria CATARA
Amplifiers Pakistan Project AMP
Power of Vision Poland Face Controller
The Dians Portugal Nuada
I Copy You Qatar Mimicking Robot for Autistic Children
SMT Romania sMilestone
BarFoo Serbia Sonochrome
SMART crew Taiwan Versatility of Usens: From Lab to Life
AfriGal Tech Uganda mDex
Grant Fellow United States Grant Fellow

Windows & Windows Phone Challenge

In addition, we're very glad to announce the winner of the Windows & Windows Phone Challenge! Congratulations to Team Pomato Apps of Venezuela for their project Patrullaje. They'll receive $5,000 and a trip to Seattle to attend the Imagine Cup World Finals!

Skype Award

We also have three World Semifinalist teams who have won $5,000 in the Skype Award. Congratulations to teams Eyenaemia from Australia, Code Buzzers from Nepal, and Super Sea Dragons from South Africa! You can watch their award-winning Skype videos now on our new Awards & Challenges page.

Visual Studio Online Boost

And finally, nine World Semifinalist teams won $1,000 each in our Visual Studio Online Boost! Check out the complete list:



World Citizenship

Stay Tuned!

Believe it or not, we're just getting started with the excitement of this 2014 season. Our World Finalists are now diving into their projects and getting them ready for our judges at the end of July in Seattle -- where tremendous prizes will be on the line and one team will win a private meeting with Bill Gates!

It's a real pleasure to see so many brilliant students come so far. I want to offer my very heartfelt congratulations to all the teams who competed in our National and Online Finals, to the 170+ teams who made it to the World Semifinals, and now to the 35 teams who will come all the way to Seattle. It's an honor to see your dreams made real. Keep up the great work!

John Scott Tynes
Imagine Cup Program Lead
Microsoft Student Developers

Comments (19)

  1. Ilya Antonov says:

    Yes! It’s a good news! Thanks for incredible work!!! See you in Seattle 😉

  2. panayiotis eracleous says:

    there is a team that didn’t compete in innovation category but in citizenship and it past in innovation why that?

    1. malteg says:

      Same for the VSO Boost: Our project (tutus) is definitely not a game. But congratulations to all the Winners!

      1. John Scott Tynes says:

        Whoops! Sorry for the copy-paste error. I’ve corrected the VSO Boost list to put the teams in the right categories.

    2. Khaled Sabra says:

      Same here, Our “GAME” (Team Learn n’ Earn) was put in the innovation category for The VSO Boost. Is it possible that we were being judged under the innovation category??

      1. John Scott Tynes says:

        Nope, that was just a formatting error in the blog. I’ve fixed it to show the correct categories.

  3. Mursa Bogdan says:

    Congrats . See you in Seattle !

  4. Ouadie BOUSSAID says:

    Unfortunately we missed the Windows & Windows Phone Challenge first place with our solution, but we’re glad to have more than 10.000 downloads for our app and great reviews. Congratulations to all the winners!

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      GoKopy looks great. Congratulations on making a strong start in the store!

  5. This is really disappointing. An app with 4+ rating and over 300 user reviews is dropped from the Windows and Windows Phone Challenge.

    1. John Scott Tynes says:

      I understand. But it does sound like you’ve made a great app and I wish you all the best for it!

  6. orane campbell says:

    sweet this will be a first time experience for me and my team mate. 🙂 i look forward to not only presenting but seeing all the other awesome games from those awesome teams

  7. Iyanu Olabode says:

    I am very happy for my roomate and his team #TEAM HIGHRISE for qualifying. Congratulations!!! Seattle-straight guys. I hope you win over there too.

  8. MD ARMAN OMAR says:

    What about brain games winner?????

  9. Dipak Narigara says:

    Ready for the Challenges

  10. Asar Dhandala says:

    We’re Team Seven Summits from India and ‘Petite’ did made it to the worldwide finals in Games Category!

    See you in Seattle. Excited! <3

  11. ARONO REBECCA says:

    see you all in seattle.

    1. Temidayo Adefioye says:

      Yea…see you all at seattle @Rebecca see you too

  12. Elhachemi sabi says:

    mabrook for reload team 123 viva l algérie

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