Top Reasons to Compete In The Games Competition

In case you needed further convincing that the Games Competition was for you, our seasoned Games Captain, Andrew Parsons, put together the following stellar reasons:

  • Games are cool
  • It’s a great introduction to the gaming industry if you want to have a career
  • If you make it to the WWF you will be interacting with key players from the industry, e.g. press, publishers and developers
  • Students can use the Imagine Cup as a way to test their skills and compete against students from all over the world
  • A way for you to way to kick-start your games portfolio, become an entrepreneur and make money on your game
  • Option to push your creativity to the next level, help you get out of bed, forcing function

Do you have questions?  Want to add a reason to the list?  Let us know by posting in our Community Forums (hint, sign in first).

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