Team Registration Deadline is March 15th!

Time is tick . . . tick . . . ticking away! If you want a shot at competing in the Imagine Cup worldwide event in St. Petersburg, Russia, this July you and your team need to be registered by March 15, 2013. You don't need your project finished by then -- that's not until April 15 -- but you do need to get everyone signed up:

  1. Each team member must create an account at our website
  2. Each team member must sign up for a competition on our Dashboard
  3. Once they've signed up, then you can send them a team invitation from your Team Profile, which you can reach by clicking your team's name in the Dashboard.

Please remember that you can't invite them to join your team until they've both created an account and signed up for the right competition (Games, Innovation, or World Citizenship).

I hope to see you in Russia this summer. Get your team signed up and keep coding!

John Scott Tynes
Imagine Cup Competition Manager
Microsoft Academic Programs

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