Top 10 Reasons To Compete In The Windows Phone Challenge

Have you checked out the Windows Phone Challenge? It's not too late! You've got until February 15 for someone on your team to pass the Windows Phone Challenge quiz, which is available from your Dashboard once you've signed up for the challenge and created a team.

We're spending this week sharing information about the challenge and about developing for Windows Phone. Here's our Top Ten Reasons to Compete in the Windows Phone Challenge:

  1. Windows Phone has awesome hardware from Nokia, HTC, and other leading manufacturers.
  2. With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has created a common, compelling user experience platform to radically accelerate and simplify how users interact with their mobile devices.
  3. Because you can't carry your Windows PC in your pants.
  4. Shared program models between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 mean you can build your apps fast and leverage much of the same work across the two form factors.
  5. A rapid growth in the momentum to publishing Apps on Windows Store.
  6. Windows Phone is the only smart phone with Live Tiles. Live Tiles give users the most dynamic and personalized app experience.
  7. They're great for cracking walnuts!
  8. Thousands of businesses and Fortune 500 companies are already using the Windows Phone Store to reach and engage millions of Windows Phone users around the world.
  9. Live Tile, lock screen background, and wallet are just a few examples that can help your app seamlessly integrate with the phone and get noticed by users.

And the number one reason to compete in the Windows Phone Challenge is . . .

  1. We've got the best tools, the development environment, and the best cloud services for your mobile app project!

Jukka Wallasvaara & KiranKumar Balijepalli
Imagine Cup Windows Phone Challenge Co-Captains

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