Hallmarks of a Great Developer

If you ask me, I’ll tell you a great developer Plans before coding A great developer takes the time to plan an approach before designing or coding.  A great developer knows that the time required to do so will be more than paid back by the time saved by getting it more right the first…


Quantum Testing

Once upon a time, I thought testing was about finding bugs. Once upon a time, I thought I should be able to find every bug in my product. Once upon a time, I thought testing was about ensuring no bugs escaped to customers. Once upon a time, I thought every single test should be automated….


Hallmarks of a Great Tester

If you ask me, I’ll tell you a great tester Is devious A great tester has a streak of deviousness.  Anyone can follow the lists of test cases that abundantly fill most books on testing.  A great tester can move beyond these lists and dream up an endless series of gnarly methods for attacking the…


Did I Remember To

[29 Mar 2010: An expanded and annotated version of this is available on my website at http://www.thebraidytester.com/downloads/YouAreNotDoneYet.pdf.] Accessibility Check the following MSAA property settings for every control on every dialog, command bar, and other UI feature: NAME, ROLE, STATE, VALUE, KBSHORTCUT, and DEFACTION Change values in edit boxes and verify those values are reflected in the…


Screen Door

Gretchen and Zoe and Heather have been blogging about the process Microsoft uses for recruiting and hiring.  Once you’ve made it past the recruiter gauntlet, but before you go through the formal interview loop, my team puts the candidate through a technical screening. The recruiter will usually dig into your background in an effort to…


Tester Quiz

A short post today because I am pushing all the work over to you! <g/> How many answers to “38.30 – 1 1/2 = ???” can you think of? Here are a few to get you started: 36.80 (assuming both are decimal numbers) 36.30 (assuming minutes.seconds) An error message that “38.30” is an invalid number in…


Two Hour Parking

Signs such as this one are a common sight in Seattle’s residential neighborhoods. I imagine the transportation department believes it to be clear and unambiguous. I beg to differ. Your assignment for this week is to devise as many different interpretations of this sign as you can. Put your answers in the comments below or…


Hallmarks of a Great SDE/T

All companies have a job ladder a person “climbs” as they progress through their career.  Often this job ladder and a person’s title are tied together.  Microsoft separates the ladder (i.e., the responsibilities of and expectations for a person) and the title – essentially separating your role from the proficiency with which you fill that…


Automate This!

How much of your testing do you automate? How do you know whether you have automated enough – or too much? My current team is taking the Automate Everything approach. This means we automate every last test case. “110% automation”, as one of our executives liked to say. While certain tests may remain unautomated due…


They’re (gasp) Everywhere!

Recently I was shopping for music at a well-known online store. This store often suggests other albums related to the one you are browsing and offers you a package deal where if you purchase both the CD you are browsing and a related CD you receive a discount over purchasing both CDs individually. At least,…