TFS2010 – a long term successor of Visual SourceSafe

If you are using the version control integration features in Dynamics AX you may be using Visual SourceSafe as the version control provider. If you do, you are probably aware that Visual SourceSafe has been in maintenance mode for several years. You may even be looking for a replacement – after all your source code…


AX models – Part 4 – Working with models inside MorphX

This is my final post on models in AX for Milestone 2 (M2). Since my last post (link) the Dynamics AX organization has exited M2 – this means that all planed M2 features are implemented, tested, and all exit criteria passed. The exit criteria ensure quality by enforcing a required bar for a number of metrices across all teams, such…


AX models – Part 3 – Multiple models per layer

In my first two posts on models in AX (Part 1 and Part 2) I covered the deployment specific behaviors of .axmodel files – it should be apparent we introduced .axmodel files as a deployment replacement for AOD files. In the process we added some nice capabilities like a manifest and signing. The real benefit of models,…


AX models – Part 2 – Manifest and signing

In my first post on AX models I showed that models provide parity functionality with AOD files. Models goes several steps further, and addresses some of the shortcomings of AOD files. Have you ever been in a situation where you had several AOD files, but couldn’t quite remember which was which, and where they came…


AX models – Part 1 – Deploying models

About a milestone ago I announced SQL AOD. Since then it has been quite quiet on my blog – for two reasons 1) I’ve been heads down in new features and 2) I’ve been on paternity leave. Now the completion of M2, the next milestone of AX “6”, is within reach and I’ve returned to my office….


"Inside Dynamics AX 2009" is now available

The book is now available at You can also browse parts of the book, including the Table of Contents at Amazon.      


Today MS-Press is printing "Inside Dynamics AX 2009"

Today MS-Press will be printing the hard copies of “Inside Dynamics AX 2009”. The books will hit the shelves later this summer. I can hardly wait to hold a copy; and to get your candid feedback. Here is a link to more details on the book. As you can see the book contains over 200 pages more than…


Channel 9 Screencast: 10 MorphX tricks in 10 minutes

A new AX screencasts is now available on Channel9. It shows 10 small demos that will make you more effecient as an MorphX / X++ developer. Here is the link: [Update: Media issue has been resolved.]


AX6 sneak preview – elements with 32 bit IDs

In AX4 we added Unicode support. On one hand it seems like a minor thing, it is just the storage format of strings – on the other hand it literally opens up a new world of opportunities. From a technical perspective it was a major surgical challenge; not many system files remained untouched in the process….


AX6 sneak preview – SQL AOD

Today we built the first official build of Dynamics AX ever that does not run on AOD files. Starting today Dynamics AX’s model database is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Seen from within MorphX you hardly notice the difference. Everything works as it used to; there are no new feautures; but yet it feels…