Extending Dynamics 365 for Operations

Dynamics 365 for Operations has great support for implementing pure add-on solutions. A pure add-on solution is extending the existing functionality using extension points in a non-intrusive manner.


In the Dynamics AX era implementing non-intrusive solutions was near impossible. My decade old Channel 9 video on Smart customizations is recommending being as little intrusive as possible.

That is still good advice; as it turns out we can now be significantly less intrusive. A lot of new extensibility features has been added. This series of blog posts will explore these.

Why it matters?

When a solution is implemented using extension points only, then the solution’s cost of maintenance drops significantly:

  • The code conflicts that are typically experienced during code upgrade seize to exists.
  • The compilation time is reduced by magnitudes,
  • The package size is reduced.

Some terminology

A good citizen is referring to a well-behaved extension, that can live side-by-side with other extensions sharing the extension points. The opposite is a bully, they claim the extension point for themselves, and are at risk of colliding with other solutions.

Blog posts

  1. Subscribing to events
  2. Responding through delegates
  3. Subscribing to onValidatingWrite
  4. Extending class state
  5. Adding new methods to existing classes, tables, forms, etc.

More to come soon – stay tuned.



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