Microsoft’s new domicile in Denmark – first impressions

This week I had the chance to visit the building site in Lyngby where the new domicile for Microsoft Denmark is under construction.

I’ve been driving past it a few times and been impressed by the building’s modern and bold look – so I was curious to experience a tour on the inside.


From the outside it appears to be an office building with a number of floors. Once I entered the building I was surprised by the light and feel of spaciousness. Inside each “tower” is an open atrium offering a direct view to sky and allowing a lot of natural light to enter.



As you enter the building you will obviously notice the big inviting stairway. But also pay attention to all the light entering from windows. This is a semi-clouded morning in February in Denmark. The pictures are taken with my Lumia 920 Windows Phone (no flash or extended exposure time), and there were just a few artificial light sources. The building is designed to allow natural light to enter from all sides (including the roof) – and it really makes a world of difference.

As I’m typing this up I’m looking at my almost flicker-free fluorescence lamps at MDCC – I’m not going to miss them.



Here is one of the open offices where we will build the next generations of Dynamics AX. Again, notice the windows, the openess and all the light.


As you can tell from the pictures, there is still a lot of fit and finish pending  – yet, if at all possible the visit left me even more excited about this year at Microsoft in Denmark.

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