Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011–A great start

CIMG4957 The EMEA version of Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference 2011 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now officially started. The keynote this morning started with Christian Pedersen talking about the launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. It is the biggest launch of an ERP product to date.
CIMG4965 Hal Howard followed talking about the core pillars of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Powerful, Agile and Simple.

The system is Powerful so it can deliver the insights and productivity you need when you need them. The system is Agile so it can accommodate your business as it grows. The system is Simple so deployment, maintenance and education costs are kept down.

CIMG4968 Balaji Balasubramanian joined Hal on stage. He presented the new POS features for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail. He showed how a tablet PC running AX 2012 on Windows 7 can transform the retail business. It offered offline, suspend, end-of-day, returns capabilities, has support for literally any POS device available.
CIMG4976 Finally Sri Srinivasan announced the launch of a one-stop-shop for AX information going forward. It is rightfully named: InformationSource. Access it today at:

I hope you will enjoy the conference. I’ll go and grab a bit of food before my first presentation which is in just 40 minutes.
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