TFS2010 – a long term successor of Visual SourceSafe

If you are using the version control integration features in Dynamics AX you may be using Visual SourceSafe as the version control provider. If you do, you are probably aware that Visual SourceSafe has been in maintenance mode for several years. You may even be looking for a replacement - after all your source code is a valuable asset, and it needs a reliable and sustainable home. 

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the natural replacement offered by Microsoft - and it is also supported by Dynamics AX 2009. However, TFS has so far been two complex and too costly to be a real alternative for smaller teams.

With TFS 2010 this is changing - for more information see these two blog posts:

Comments (4)

  1. Morten Jensen (Microsoft) says:

    Yes, VSS will be supported in AX6, but in a maintenance-like mode. However, with the favorable installation options, pricing, VSS-to-TFS conversion tools, and core features of TFS 2010, I do encourage everyone to take a good look at TFS 2010 as the forward looking option.

  2. John Robertson says:

    Will VSS still be supported and available in AX6.0 Parameters with the same functionality as AX2009?

  3. mfp says:

    Check out the first link above, it walks you through the installation. It looks like they did a complete overhaul.

  4. Sam says:

    Well, the current version of TFS is a real PITA to set up, if TFS2010 really is targeted as successor for anything, I hope they really really did a complete overhaul over the installation process.

    I’ve rarely seen a product installation *that* bad!

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