Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Deepak Kumar and myself hosted a session on the upgrade process at Convergence in Orlando. A big thank you to everyone who attended; we are truly humbled by the great feedback we are receiving for our session. An even bigger round of applause is due to Paul Langowski from Tectura, who joined us on stage to give testimony on two "double-leap" upgrades he has worked on.

For those of you who wasn't able to attend, I've attached the slide deck to this post.

Here is the excerpt of the session:

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009; 3/13/2008 10:00AM-11:00AM; W204

This session will take you through the end-to-end flow of upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. You will see an overview of the code upgrade as well as the data upgrade process along with recommended best practices. Examples of the improved upgrade documentation, with a focus on the implementation guidelines that come with a dedicated section for upgrade, will also be covered. This session will also include tips on performing data upgrade and code upgrade more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, you'll learn tips on the extra steps needed to upgrade if you've extended your solution. This session is designed for partners and customers who are planning to upgrade or would like to learn more about a Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade.


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  1. pradeep says:

    i have downloaded the PPT it is corrupted it seems  can any one provide me proper PPT

  2. vnvnvnvn2007@yahoo.com says:


    According your Power Point Presentation, dias 30:

    Source Database delete dupicates xpo available on PartnerSource.

    I can not find the xpo file on the PartnerSource!

    Can you send me the the delete duplicate xpo file to me by email?

    Thank you in advance

    Best regard

    Vu Anh Nguyen


  3. Aravind.S says:

    Very Very Useful Power Point Presentation. Do post this kind of Presentation. Thank u.

  4. Please you can send me your PPT about your conference?


  5. Harish: A video containing the powerpoint and the talking will be available on the Convergence DVDs. Participants on Convergence will receive the DVD (if they filled out an evaluation form) shortly.

    If you attended Convergence in Copenhagen you will already have received the DVD.

    As I do not own the material I can not publish it on the web.

  6. Vetrivel.C says:


      Thanks for posting the usefull PPT. its really a worth presentation. keep on posting

    Thanks and Regards,


  7. Hi Michael,

    It is very interesting.  Is there anyway we can download video of this presentation?


    Harish Mohanbabu


  8. Santosh says:

    gr8 information. Thanks a lot MFP

  9. Dilip says:

    Thanks for posting the presentation. Great one!

  10. rami elkhatib says:

    this is huge and amazing


  11. kamal says:

    Thanks MFP 🙂

    That’s helpful….

  12. Venkat raghavan.P says:


     Thanks for posting the PPT. It’s realy great and very useful. Keep posting.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Venkat raghavan.P

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