Holiday season X++ Crossword

As the holiday season draws nearer, what is more appropriete than giving away a nice prize. To challenge you a bit I've greated a small crossword. In the spirit of AX the crossword is only using X++ system functions - so if you are stuck, you can start up your favorite AX client to get some hints.

The prize is: One copy of "Inside Dynamics AX" - signed by the authors.

To participate in the competition:

  1. Solve the crossword below

  2. Arrange the letters in the red boxes into a magic word

  3. Send me the magic word no later than December 20th 2006.

The winner will be drawn randomly from all correct answers. The winner's name and country will be published on this blog, and I will subsequenty contact the winner for mailing address, so I can send the prize.

The competition is open to all non-Microsoft-employees. The competition doesn't require any purchase. By submitting an answer, you accept the competition rules. 

1: Which function deletes all non-alphanumeric characters from the text string specified by text.
2: Which function converts the time text string specified by text into an integer value.
3: Which function converts the date specified by date to a text string.
4: Which function calculates the length of the text string specified by text.
5: Which function returns the User ID for the current user.
6: Which function returns the printable name (the label) of the specified field.
7: Which function returns 1 if arg specifies an ultimo date, 0 otherwise.
8: Which function converts to a string representing the field name of the field specified.
9: Which function returns the current value of an annuity.
10: Which function returns the date in the previous year which corresponds most closely to the date specified by date.
11: Which function removes the characters specified in text2 from the text string specified by text1.
12: Which function returns the number of intervals for the given period.
13: Which function returns the fractional part of the argument decimal.
14: Which function returns the real starting date (the normalized date) for the period.
15: Which function returns the date in the following quarter which corresponds most closely to the date specified by date.
16: Which function returns the date which corresponds to the specified number of days since 01\01\1901.
17: Which function returns a null container.
18: Which function converts the decimal number specified by number to a text string.
19: Which function calculates the contribution ratio, based on the sales price specified by sale and the purchase price specified by purchase.
20: Which function returns the current time on the computer system.
21: Which function converts to a string representing form if it is an existing form.
22: Which function returns the constant depreciation amount for the specified asset for each period of the asset's life.
23: Which function returns the lesser of the two figures specified by figure1 and figure2.
24: Which function returns the absolute value of figure.
25: Which function returns the hyperbolic cosine of argument arg.
26: Which function calculates the future value of an investment.
27: Which function expresses the natural logarithm of the decimal figure specified by figure.
28: Which function returns the percentual increase of the amount specified by amount.
29: Which function returns the arc cosine of the argument arg.
30: Which function returns the sine of the argument x.
31: Which function converts all letters to lower case in the text string specified by text.
32: Which function returns the cosine of argument arg.
33: Which function calculates the year which contains the date specified by date.

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  1. Hi 🙂

    I’m usually reading many articles from your blog and are really very useful, but … this one …

    is just Impressive !

    You’re a genious 🙂

    I’ve posted an article on my own site linking to this one encouraging the Spanish AX community to participate on this "competition".

    Kind Regards,


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