Introducing the new SSIS blog page –

Hi all, this is Jimmy Wong, and I am the PM for SSIS team. With some recent discussion with Matt Masson and other folks, we decided to create a new blog page and replace the old one to better serve our blog reader. The old page will be kept alive but no new blog will be posted there. All new blogs will be posted at the new page

Please don't forget to check out the new blog page at where you can now find a few good article about using SSIS with other Azure services such as HD Insight, Azure Blob and Azure ML.

Thank you for your support!


Comments (4)

  1. Viktor says:

    When SSDT BI for VS2015 will be available?

  2. Pravin says:

    Do we know the release date of SSDT BI for VS15?

  3. Tim Thein says:

    When will SSDT BI for VS2015 be available?

  4. LateNightDBA says:

    Asking same question understanding that SSIS now in preview mode. When will the remaining components be available – report authoring…..

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