Expression Adorners

A quick post today about SQL Server Denali.

BIDS now uses a special icon marker (called an Adorner) to indicate package objects that have expressions set on them. In CTP3, these adorners appear on Connection Managers and Variables. As I mentioned in my session at TechEd, the functionality has been further enhanced since CTP3, and we now add adorners to tasks as well.

Connection Managers




For those of you who are interacting with SSIS programmatically, you’ll also be happy to find a new HasExpressions property on all SSIS objects that support expressions (Tasks, Containers, etc). This property makes it easy to identify which objects have properties (without having to scan each property, like you would in 2008).

Comments (2)

  1. Valentino Vranken says:

    Nice to see that my favorite BIDS Helper feature is making it into standard BITS! 🙂

  2. That is great news indeed. And they also made deployments as easy as with BIDSHelper. W00t w00t 🙂

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