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I recently moved back to Montreal (my home city), and was excited to find out about the SQLTeach conference happening at the end of May.


From the site:

SQLTeach is back in Montreal…
The last time we held the SQLTeach event in Montreal it was in 2008. This year we have 3 tracks (SQL Server DBA, SQL Server Dev and SQL Server BI). For the first time this year, we’re having a Business Intelligent track. It features the best experts in the business. Most enterprises are all having some BI in one form or a another. SQLTeach is the best place to learn and get the best practices from the experts. Registering for SQLTeach will give you access to all DevTeach’s sessions.

The BI Track: http://www.sqlteach.com/Session.aspx#148

There are a couple of interesting SSIS sessions at the conference:

Advanced ETL application concepts with SSIS - Christian Coté
SSIS is more than appropriate tool for ETL development. It is very flexible and can be used as the main tool for your data warehouse / BI application. In this session, I will demonstrate:

  • Best practices using package configurations
  • Usage of logging to record package runs statistics
  • How to recover from an ETL application crash
  • ETL application deployment I will share my best practices on the above topics based on my previous experiences. This session can lead to ETL best practices discussions, which would be beneficial for all attendees.

Dimension loading using SSIS - Sébastien Notebaert
This session topic is on dimension table loading in a Kimball style datamart using SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS). Type 2 change management design patterns using different techniques and reject management will be discussed in more detail.

Kalen Delaney also has a pre-conference session entitled Concurrency vs. Performance: Locking, Blocking and Versions that sounds extremely useful for any ETL developer.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Ayyappan says:

    Welcome back!



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