SSIS Performance Design Patterns (video)

The Performance Design Patterns talk I did at Tech Ed 2010 has been posted online. This is pretty much the same talk I gave at SQL Saturday #43, so if you had attended and were looking for the slides, you can find them on the MS TechEd site.


Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Performance Design Patterns

Need a fast data integration solution, but don't have the time or budget for heavy performance tuning? Come learn how to maximize your ROI by applying trusted design patterns to your Integration Services packages. We talk about how to set performance expectations, and how to put together a simple framework to record benchmarks for your ETL process. We go over the basics of smart package design, and then look at a number of design patterns for common data warehousing problems, such as Slowly Changing Dimension processing, Range Lookups, and Change Detection.

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  1. Ranjith says:

    Excellent Video Matt. General misunderstanding is that SSIS is for all the ETL activities like moving the data all around the world thouth both source and destination are on the same server , this video clears some of those misunderstandings.

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