Data Integration at Microsoft: Technologies and Solution Patterns (video)

Another talk at the MS BI Conference that I really found useful was Jeff Bernhardt’s talk about the different data integration technologies at Microsoft.

Data Integration at Microsoft: Technologies and Solution Patterns

There are many reasons to contemplate data integration: constructing a data warehouse, achieving master data management, getting synchronization and consistency, system migration or consolidation, and B2B data acquisition and sharing. At the same time, there are several technical approaches to solving these problems: Bulk or batch movement, federated queries, replication and message or event orient movement. Microsoft offers many products and features that can solve parts of these problems with specific technologies: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Service Broker, SQL Server Replication, Distribute Query, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and Master Data Services. Taken as a whole, Microsoft products can solve your data integration problems but no single product or feature can solve all of them. This session gives an overview of these problem types, the technology choices, the Microsoft products, and helps you think about what products to use in which situations and especially in which combination to make data integration a reality.

He talks about different data integration problems at a high level, and then gives an overview of which MS tools you can use to solve these problems. I found it really interesting to see where SSIS fits into the ecosystem.

The video and slides are available from the web site.

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  1. Stan Evers says:

    Interesting talk that rounds up the differences between several types of Data Integration. Thanks for sharing!

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