Beyond Scripting presentation available online

One of the sessions I did at the MS BI Conference last week is now available online at

Beyond Scripting: Developing Reusable Extensions for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

Have you written scripts for your ETL process that you find particularly useful? Do you find yourself frequently cutting and pasting code between SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages? There is a better way! Join this session to learn more about scripting in SSIS for SQL Server 2008, and how to extend the ETL platform. Learn why developing custom extensions is easier than it sounds, and the steps to make your script code reusable.

I’ll embed the video here - you can also download the slides and standalone videos from the site.

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  1. CozyRoc says:

    Thank you for the presentation Matt!

    I want to mention there is a fourth script extension alternative based on the commercial CozyRoc SSIS+ library. These are the relevant technologies:

    – Script Task Plus – extension of the standard Script Task

    – Script Component Plus – extension of the standard Script Component

    The enhanced components provide ability to seamlessly reuse scripts across different packages and the deployment is very simplified. We also provide public repository with free reusable scripts available here:

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