No new features in for Integration Services in SQL Server 2008 R2

Update 2009-11-12: One minor feature change announced.

Have you been holding your breath waiting for Microsoft to announce the new SSIS features for SQL Server 2008 R2?

The answer is pretty simple – nothing new is being added for SSIS in R2. There will be some small bug fixes, but these will also be available in a Cumulative Update / Service Pack release for 2008. R2 is a target release for the Self-Service BI market, with some other engine and tools enhancements included. From a SQL BI point of view, the release is mostly about Project Gemini, Master Data Management, and some cool enhancements to Reporting Services.

Instead of R2, we’ve been focused on the next major SQL Server release - we decided early on that splitting our effort to deliver some new features in R2 would end up diluting the overall value of what we eventually ship. We’ve been hard at work the past little while, and in fact, we’re currently wrapping up our first wave of improvements. It’s a bit too early for us to publically start talking about what we have planned, but I can say that it’s pretty big, and the feedback we’ve received so far is very promising.

I’m really looking forward to when we can start giving demos of the new stuff at conferences... I’ll be sharing all of the details here as soon as I can!

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  1. BI Monkey says:

    Not hugely surprised about that given the focus of R2. Looking forward to hearing more about the next incarnation – can you give any teasers?

    If you say the UI is getting some serious attention I will be very pleased – one of my biggest gripes right now is the inconsistency in, and occasionally awkwardness of, the component editors…   the Pivot Transform being a great example of something that needs UI love.

  2. Hello Mr. Monkey!

    I think I can safely say that improving the overall Developer Experience (including usability and productivity) is one of the focal points for the release.

    I’m not sure where UI updates to individual transforms rank on the priority list, but I definitely agree that components like Pivot/Unpivot could use some love.


  3. webfish says:

    In the mean time is there a way we can change the expresion builder. ither write my own or plug in a thrd party

  4. What enhancements were you looking for?

    I’ve read that the BI xPress program has some expression window enhancements.

  5. webfish says:

    Hi thanks for taking an intrest.

    we have been feeling that some help with the syntax would be a big help may be some intelli sence so we can tell what we can do where.

    a nice big eding surface would be good :).

    as for exteding as we are tight (we are scottish) we would prefer somthing free 😉 or a source example from people that have this area



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