Attunity connectors for Oracle and Teradata are now available

The high speed connectors for Oracle and Teradata are now available for download.

  Supported versions Platforms
Oracle or higher x86, x64, ia64
Teradata 2R6.0, 2R6.1, 2R6.2
and 12.0
x86, x64

Attunity has done a great job putting these together, and from what I’ve seen, the performance is really impressive. Be sure to check them out!

Comments (14)

  1. Update: 2008-08-13 – The connector pack will be available two to three months from the GA of SQL 2008

  2. ArthurHarper says:

    I have tried the Attunity connector for Oracle and the only good thing I can say is that the performance is pretty good.  I was disappointed with the features and the implementation from an architectural point of view.

    First it seems to be lacking the ability to parameterise the queries on the Oracle Source component, have I missed something?  If this is the case then it is of no use to me.

    Second from an architectural perspective I am not impressed by the way it is implemented as separate component.  It should be implemented as an additional provider to the standard OLE DB Source/Destination in the same way as the DataDirect driver is.   The way it has been implemented means that if we decide to change to use a different driver we have to modify all of our packages, whereas if it was implemented the DataDirect way we could design our packages so that we could implement such a change with simple config changes and no need to modify the packages.

  3. Hi Arthur,

    This is good feedback, and I’ve forwarded it along to the right people.

    Comments like this are good for Connect ( as well.



  4. sgrimes says:

    First, I ran several tests with the Attunity connectors – and they did the best job of correctly recognizing the metadata from an oracle source (10g and 11g).  Speed was fantastic pulling from oracle and writing to SQL.  Writing to oracle seemed much much slower.

    Second – what Arthur said.  

    Third – has anyone else had a problem writing to oracle (with the Attunity Oracle Destination) with recognition of DT_DBTIMESTAMP fields?

  5. What problems are you seeing?

  6. brooksray says:

    I’ve begun using the Oracle connector and it is definitely fast.  One issue I’ve run across is that a char field holding a space (‘ ‘) in SQL Server gets sent to Oracle as a NULL.  This is causing us some issues and I can’t seem to find a way around it.

  7. says:

    I have installed the attunity connector for oracle & i’m using a eval version of Sql Server 2008….i’m not able to use the attunity connector…any ideas how to go about?

  8. What sort of error are you seeing?

  9. NicolasI says:

    Is it possible to use these connectors with SQL Server 2005 Integration Services??

  10. No, these connectors only work with SSIS 2008. But I believe Attunity has other solutions available for previous versions – you should check their web site.

  11. ChrisB says:

    I know this is an old thread. Are the Attunity connectors still supported? I haven't seen much discussion/talk since about 2010. Have they added the ability to move CLOB data? That's a key for us and where we see our worst performance.

  12. Yes, these connectors are still supported. CLOB support will be added in the next update (which also adds support for SQL 2012).…/sql-2012-connectors-for-oracle-amp-teradata-coming-soon.aspx

  13. Updated Download Links:…/details.aspx…/details.aspx

    The older download for v1.1 was removed, and now you should use v1.2 with SQL 2008 or 2008 R2.

    OLD link:…/details.aspx

  14. Ayush says:

    Can you please suggest me to add a Teradata component programmatically. We are using the attinuity utility for this. After execution of the script , the Teradata component gets added but columns and other metadata information is not available for the next components.

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