Real world scenarios

May has been a busy month!

The first Microsoft Business Intelligence conference was earlier in the month, and it seemed to be a big success. I was amazed at how many people were there, and I met a lot of interesting people when I was manning the demo booth and Ask The Experts table we had setup in one of the pavilions. I got to see some interesting talks, and previews of the new BI offerings MS has in the works (PerformancePoint Server 2007 looks very slick).

The SSIS team has been really busy working on Katmai, and we're now approaching our first public CTP. Typically before each release we hold an internal "Bug Bash", where the whole team spends the day running through user scenarios trying to find any last minute issues. This time we decided to do something a bit more involved...

The group was split up into various teams, and each team was given a real world scenario that we had to solve using SSIS. The idea was to give the product a workout, as well as give us a better point of view on some of the customer pain points. We were given a limited amount of time, so most solutions probably won't have full error handling, logging or other fail safe mechanisms, such as transactions and checkpoints. We hope to publish the scenarios and packages to Codeplex however, and continue adding to them until they can be used as "Best Practice" type examples for common problems.

Over the next little while I'll post some of the projects and go over the thought process behind the solutions.

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  1. SSIS Junkie says:

    For all you SSIS-affectionadoes out there I want to point out this blog entry from Matt Masson. Matt

  2. SSIS Stuff says:

    This was part of the solution to the project my team was working on (that I’m still in the process of

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