SQL Server 2008 R2 setup failing on Windows 2008 R2 SBS

  Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium includes  SQL Server 2008 R2 http://www.microsoft.com/sbs/en/us/editions-overview.aspx. This version is feature by feature the same as SQL 2008 R2 Standard with the difference that it must be installed in an Small Business Server domain or, if purchased separately, an environment with certain characteristics. But, what does that mean? SQL…


SQLPORT – SQL Server Portuguese Community

SQLPort is a community without any economical interest of affiliation with Microsoft that  main goal is to unify and  support all SQL Server professionals and self training analysts. Main objective is to promote and develop knowledge on that area. This group will be a member of SQL Pass world wide community is near future. A…


TechDays 2010 – SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Summary: -SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 patching and upgrade -Introduction to High Availability and Disaster Recovery -SQL Server Always On Technologies -Developing your Availability solutions Session slides: Session Slides Session labs/demos: Demos Webcast: https://www112.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/view?id=F9TBZ9


TechDays 2010 – SQL Server Engine Internals – Deep Dive Session

Summary: – SQL Server 32 bits vs 64 bits – SQL Server IO considerations – Troubleshooting using Perfmon and Profiler – SSMS Tips – Visualizing Schemas – Performance troubleshooting using MDW Session slides: Session Slides Session labs/demos: Demos Webcast https://www112.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/view?id=3ZSBCN


SQL Server 2005 Patch Fails to install with an error "Unable to install Windows Installer MSP file"

  We have seen several issues where installation of Service Pack/Hotfix/GDR/CU fails to install on one or more components of SQL Server 2005. In this blog , I have tried to include few troubleshooting tips and tricks for these kinds of installation failures. Whenever a hotfix installation fails, we start troubleshooting  with the log file…


SQL Server 2008 Premier Workshop (Porto)

SQL Server 2008 Technical Overview High Availability and Performance Optimization From 12 to 13 November 2009 Session summary: Day 1 SQL Server 2008 High availability and performance troubleshooting •    SQL Server 2008 Log Shipping Setup/Configuration •    SQL Server 2008 Mirror Setup/Configuration •    SQL Server 2008 Cluster Setup/Configuration •    SQL Server 2008 high availability/reliability •    SQL…


SQL Server 2005 RTM/SP Setup hangs when displaying patching passive node message

If admin shares are disable on both nodes of the cluster task scheduler might be visible remotely but creating a remote task using task scheduler also hangs. Check the if the following key exists and remove it or change value to 1 and reboot machine: Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Key: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters Name: AutoShareServer Data Type: REG_DWORD Value:…


SQL Server 2008 does not start after SP1 with ETW enabled

In case you have just deployed SQL Server 2008 SP1 on a IA64 machine and SQL Server doesn’t start check if you have ETW tracing using MSSQLSERVER provider enabled. SQL Server error log last lines are listed below and no further info is displayed after resource database build info: SQL Server error log: (…) 2009-09-18…


SQL Server 2008 Deep Dive Session

Summary: – Higher Availability and scalability (Fail-over clustering, mirroring) – Manageability and Administration (Resource governor, Policy Based Management and Server Group Management) – Virtualization, Storage Savings (virtualization, Data Compression and TDE) – Performance and Auditing(Partitioning, Partition Aligned Indexed Views, Auditing, File Stream) –Troubleshooting and Optimization (Performance Data Collection, X-Events, Data Tuning Wizard) Session slides: SQL…


SQL Server 2005 performance problems due grow of TokenAndPermUserStore cache

TokenAndPermUserStore is one of the many caches present in the SQL Server 2005 memory architecture. As the name implies, this cache stores various security related information used by the SQL Server Engine. To find out the amount of memory consumed by this token cache, you can query the DMV’s as follows: SELECT SUM(single_pages_kb + multi_pages_kb)…