DevOps for bots: Sprinkling some devops on your bot

Hackfests are great mechanisms to kickstart the minimum viable product (mvp) for many bots/agents in a very short time.  However, just because you are working to a tight timescale doesn't mean you should sacrifice good engineering practices.  So if you're building a bot and want some assistance, checkout the resources below.  This isn't an exhaustive list, so if you find a useful that drops into any of the below categories then let me know:

Agile & DevOps

VSTS Agile planning for a bot hackfest/mvp:

Intro to the bot framework from a devops perspective:

Development & Getting Started

If you like to learn by example, then checkout the open source samples in the following github repos:

BotFramework C# Samples:

BotFramework Node.js Samples:

Bot Framework Scenario based samples:


Make sure your bot is fit for purpose:

Using ngrok for locahost testing:

Unit and functional testing for bots:

Unit testing for bots:

See how unit testing is done in the BotBuilder SDK:

Telemetry & Dashboards

Track how users are engaging with your bot in production:

Adding custom telemetry to your bot:

Visualising telemetry in your bot with Application Insights Analytics and PowerBI:

Custom Dashboard for bots using App Insights:

Bot Analytics Dashboard:

Bot Analytics Dashboard repo:

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Time to deploy:

CI/CD bot -> Azure walk through:

Implementing Continuous Integration Builds for bots:

Infinity & Beyond

Managing security tokens, LUIS retraining etc..

LUIS app secrets:

Advanced considerations:

Want more help?  For a wide ranging, list of other bot resources checkout my colleague Simon Michael's page:

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