Microsoft Bot Framework Resources

There are quite a few great tutorials, samples and videos around on Microsoft Bot Framework.

I thought it would be useful to keep a list on these running within this blog for easy reference.

This is meant to help and is not an endorsed list of recommendations (although there is great material here :-))

I will keep adding to this list as new material appears and please contact me if you think I am missing something!

There are 5 sections:



Microsoft Bot Framework

Main landing page for MS Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Builder SDK

Github repo for the Bot Builder SDK (C# and node)

Microsoft Bot Framework Team Blog

Blog from the bot framework team with  news on latest feature updates

Bot Framework Technical FAQ

A very useful  technical FAQ maintained by the bot team.

Microsoft Developer 'Real-Life Code'

Microsoft real-life code site provides code samples, tutorials and guidance/advice. Covers other tech but also contains some very useful bot framework posts such as integrating Paypal, speech-driven applications etc.



Bots 101 : scenarios for bots by Mat Velloso (March 2017)

Microsoft Bot Framework (.NET) video tutorial series by James Mann (UK MVP) 

Learn how to use the Microsoft Bot Framework to create your own Bots using C# via easy to follow videos.

Microsoft Bot Framework (NodeJS) video tutorial series by James Mann (UK MVP)

Learn how to use the Microsoft Bot Framework to create your own Bots using Node.js via easy to follow videos.

Videos being added on regular basis!

'Getting Started with Bots'  Microsoft Virtual Academy Course

Join Microsoft evangelists Ryan Volum and Christopher Harrison as they help you get started creating your first bot. Learn about the many ways of communicating with the user, beyond just text, that Microsoft Bot Framework includes. And get the details on using LUIS to handle natural language processing. Plus, find out how to publish your bot to the world, allowing people to interact with it. See how to deploy the logic, how to register your bot, and how to add it to Skype. Get started now!

Sitepoint MS Bots Course

Free course from Sitepoint covering bot framework development in NodeJS, Cognitive services such as LUIS and the Azure Bot Service.

TechDays Online Bot sessions

Various bot sessions from UK Tech Days Online 2016 and 2017

These sessions cover topics such as what are bots, building a Bot using the framework in C#, adding language understanding using LUIS and adding sentiment analysis using the Cognitive Service APIs

Gary Pretty (UK MVP)  - Bot Framework Tutorials

A number of tutorials from Gary covering building a bot, publishing it, adding LUIS and improving the NLP experience

Robin Osborne (UK MVP) - Debugging BotFramework locally using ngrok

In this article Robin shows you how to debug your bot code from Skype though to your local PC’s Visual Studio instance, using ngrok

Robin Osborne (UK MVP) - Create your first QnA bot using botframework’s QnA Maker

Creating an FAQ bot using the MS botframework QnA maker

Anthony Chu - Embed the Bot Framework Web Chat as a Collapsible Window

Nice short tutorial illustrating how to implement bot framework chat within collapsible window

Ankit Sinha - 4 part Bot Framework Tutorial:

Four part tutorial on MS Bot framework - links to other parts:

Using speech recognition and synthesis in Windows 10 to talk to your bot (and have it talk back!)

C# sample that allows a user to converse with a bot using speech in a Windows 10 UWP app.

Jamie Dalton - MS Bot Framework: FormFlow build and deploy a bot with ease

C# sample that provides a great introduction to Bot Framework 'Form Flow' functionality

Adding BotMetrics Analytics to Microsoft Bot Framework (Node)

Integrating Botmetrics consists of two parts — the first is the Bot Framework middleware module that instruments your Bot with a few lines of code and the second is the Botmetrics service which analyzes, visualizes and lets you act on the metrics collected.

Continuous Delivery of a Node.js bot

This tutorial demonstrates a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline for a bot built on Node.js using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Developing a Bot for ParkAround using Microsoft Bot Framework

ParkAround is a prominent startup in Greece which allows you to book your place in hundreds of car parks in the cities of Athens/Thessaloniki as well as the airports of Barcelona and Malaga.

This how the team built a Bot for ParkAround using Microsoft Bot Framework and hosted it in Azure platform

Building a physical bot using the BotFramework #FreddyTheFishBot

This blog post by Jamie Dalton describes  how you can take a bot from the digital world into the physical world using the Microsoft Technologies such as Azure ML, UWP,  Microsoft Bot Framework and a plastic Fish shaped bubble machine.... This was presented at Future Decoded 2016 by myself and Jamie.



Microsoft Bot Builder C# Samples

Microsoft Bot Builder official C# samples repo

Microsoft Bot Builder Node Samples

Microsoft Bot Builder official Node samples repo

Microsoft BotBuilder Samples

Microsoft bot framework engineering team samples  - both C# and Node

Customisable web-chat window for Microsoft Bot Framework

Embeddable web chat control for the Microsoft Bot Framework

Pro-active messages Samples

A common ask from developers using Microsoft Bot Framework is how to proactively initiate a message to the user. In other words, let's say some background process or notification causes the bot to initiate the message to the user, rather than just replying to a message received.

'Excel Bot'

ExcelBot is a C# bot built by Jakob Nielsen with the Microsoft Bot Framework that demonstrates how to use Excel with the Microsoft Graph API

Bus Bot' 

A node bot by Lilian Kasem that utilises the TFL API to  check bus times in London

'Azure bot'

A bot that  enables admin of some Azure services via conversational UI

'Auth Bot'

C# general authentication/authorisation Bot Framework sample by Mat Velloso

'Presenter Bot'

A bot that presents about bots by Mat Velloso. Tutorial video and code provided.

'News Bot'

A NodeJS news bot for Facebook Messenger, built with Microsoft Bot Framework by Alyssa Ong

Bing News Search (Cognitive Search) and LUIS

Bot sample in C# using cognitive services (Bing News Search and LUIS)

Build a Bot with Authentication

In the case that your bot needs to communicate with some 3rd party api (for ex, Facebook api, Office 365 api, twitter api, and Google api etc), your bot must show the login UI for the user and get some security information (like “token”) as the authenticated result. (If you’re using OAuth, your bot can call the api using OAuth token.). This talks through how to achieve this.

Microsoft Bot Framework Client in Elixir
Elixir client for Microsoft bot framework

This library provides Elixir API wrapper for the Microsoft Bot Framework.



Microsoft Cognitive Services

Main landing page for Microsoft Cognitive Services

Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) - language intent

Main page about the LUIS functionality.

Portal for LUIS

Text Sentiment Analysis

Microsoft Cognitive Service text analytics functionality - useful for detecting user sentiment within bot conversations

Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API enables single point of authentication and access to O365 functionality such as Onedrive, Excel, mail, calendar, user information etc. Adding a conversational UI to this can be very useful in many scenarios.



Cognitive Services: API applications page

Microsoft Cognitive Services API application - see the APIs in action and read about developers using Cognitive Services.

Bots: Microsoft Bot Directory

The Microsoft Bot Directory - view and use a variety of bots built using the MS Bot framework

Cognitive Services: 'Seeing AI app'

Saqib is a core Microsoft developer living in London, who lost the use of his eyes at age 7. He found inspiration in computing and is helping build Seeing AI, a research project that helps people who are visually impaired or blind to better understand who and what is around them. The project is built using intelligence APIs from Microsoft Cognitive Services (

Cognitive Services: 'Recognition Tate'

Recognition is an artificial intelligence comparing up-to-the-minute photojournalism with British art from the Tate collection. The project is built using MS Cognitive APIs

Cognitive Services: 'Uber'

This project uses MS Cognitive Face API for security.

Bots: Skyscanner

Microsoft Bot Framework project targeting Skype that utilises many of the Skype media assets such as carousels/hero cards and also LUIS for language intent analysis

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  2. – Create messenger bots using Elixir and Microsoft bot framework (May 2016):
    – Microsoft Bot Framework Client in Elixir:
    – Elixir client for Microsoft bot framework:

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