Ways for schools and universities to manage inappropriate web content

For six years, the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has been working on PhotoDNA technology – a way of detecting illegal online child sexual abuse photos. It is used by a wide range of social media and photo sharing companies, like Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard, to scan user-generated images as they are uploaded onto their web…


New Moodle integrations with Microsoft technology are on the way

Over the last couple of years I’ve written a number of times about integration points between Moodle and Microsoft, to help education customers understand what the opportunities are to be able to integrate two of their key tools for students and staff. This turns out to be important even for universities or TAFEs which have…


Office DevCamp in Melbourne: Learn how to develop apps for Office and Office 365

On December 11th, in Melbourne, we’re running a free, full-day Office DevCamp for developers who want to write apps and services for Office or Office 365. It’ll help you to build solutions that can use Office to do things like allow students to read and write from their OneDrive (and save you having to run…


Developing education solutions in Office 365

With so many education customers using Office 365 globally (now in the tens of millions of education uses), there’s continuing interest by developers in creating services for customers, running on top of Office. This could mean developing an app for Word, Excel, PowerPoint; or could be developing a system that uses the Office 365 cloud…


Could Cortana in education help students and teachers?

Cortana is the intelligent voice-activated assistant on a Windows Phone – described as ‘your personal assistant in your phone’ – and it provides a new way of interacting with other people and your phone. I’ve been using Cortana on my phone for a while now, using the Developer Preview of Windows 8.1 and over time…


Education DevCamp in Sydney – Building apps for Office 365 and SharePoint

On 14/15 May 2014 we’re running a training event for developers of education applications and services in Sydney. It is a two-day detailed training workshop that will help partners to develop for the Office 365, Office and SharePoint platform. The workshop is for developers and architects, and will mix integration theory with hands-on development practice….