Delivering Office 365 on your different screens and wrist

The Office team have also been busy creating plenty of new scenarios for using Office on a range of different devices (it seems as if every month there’s a new format of device appearing that can support a scenario with one of the Office apps). If you still think of Office as being an app that you install on your PC, then you might be surprised by some of the recent announcements:

OneDrive for Business for Android, which allows you to seamlessly access your 1TB of Office 365 storage from an Android phone or tablet.

Lync enhancements for iOS released last month included the ability to have the Lync Gallery View and up to four live video streams on your iPhone or iPad screen. Both of which make online meetings more interactive and visual.


There’s been a recent dash of enhancements to OneNote too:

OneNote on Android watchOneNote for Android Wear, so that you can now talk to your wrist and start dictating notes that get synced into your OneNote notebook – and onto any other devices you’re also running OneNote one.

Handwriting support in OneNote for Android tablets now allows you to write or draw with a stylus or your finger, so now you can easily create drawings, annotate on top of documents etc

OneNote for Windows 8 has received updates that focus on student features such as ink highlighting and better support for printing and inserting files. These features will help the Windows 8 version of OneNote to catch up with the features of the full desktop version of OneNote. I actually use both versions on my Surface 3, depending on what I’m doing, and whether I want a simple ‘notebook’ setup for handwritten notes, or I want the full-blown mode for extensive editing etc

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