Using CRM to manage student lifecycles

We’re just about to enter a new academic year, with just over half a million Australian students just about to start their first year at university. They’ve gone through (or are still going through) a process to select their course and university, and to enrol and be ready for next month’s O weeks.

Here’s another way to describe this: 38 organisations are just about to get 25% more customers for their services, having lost 25% at the end of last year. In fact, if we take student attrition into account, then it’s actually a lot higher than 25%, but for this I’m assuming that students stay for four years on average. This is why so many people are talking about student lifecycle management, in the same way that business talk about customer lifecycles.

In exploring what good practice in student lifecycle management looks like, I’ve come across a video case study on the global Microsoft case studies website about the University of Washington the way that they are using CRM to manage student lifecycles. As the case studies says:


From the time prospective students show interest in a Continuing Education program at the University of Washington to the time they decide to enrol is typically 6 to 18 months. The university needed a way to track interactions with students from the earliest stage. Clark C. Westmoreland, Assistant Vice Provost of Professional and Continuing Education at the University of Washington, explains:

"We were dropping a catalogue on their doorstep once a year with the hopes they would enroll."

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the university can profile students' informational needs, deliver what they're interested in, maintain an ongoing relationship with them, and ultimately track student outcomes through graduation and beyond.


What they are doing is important because they are managing the student lifecycle from the initial stage of interest right through beyond graduation. We have Australian universities using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system for the same student lifecycle management process, but unfortunately we’ve not published any case studies yet. So in the meantime, can I recommend watching the University of Washington case study video below.

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