Update 2: Microsoft Surface RT for education in Australia

There are a few new details to let you know about the Microsoft Surface RT offer for education customers in Australia which we announced nearly a month ago (the offer is for education institutions to be able to order the Microsoft Surface RT from AU$219). In the first update on the Surface education offer, I wrote about ordering processes, apps, offers for other devices from our partners, and some of the details of management of the Surface RT in education situations.

Surface Education offer closing date extended

We’ve had plenty of feedback that institutions had found that the original closing date, of 31 August, was too soon for them to complete their procurement processes (some people had to go through an evaluation process before they could add it to their panel of hardware devices), so we have extended the offer closing date to 30 September 2013. (This is hot off the press, so the offer website is just being updated).

Comparing the Surface RT to the iPad

My colleagues over in the US released a new TV advert last week, comparing the iPad and the Surface RT. Although it’s for the US market (eg US pricing), it is on YouTube, and because it carries on with the same sense of fun that the previous ads have used, I think it’s worth sharing – and it gives you a quick summary of some of the key differences, that I think are meaningful for education users (eg the USB slot for memory sticks and printers, the in-built stand and keyboard, which are all important for education use)


If you can't see the video above, you can view it on YouTube here

imageThe pricing used in the advert (right) is incorrect for Australia, as the pricing it lists is for the US retail market, so the Australian comparison for education would be:

Surface RT (32GB) – AU$ 219 (or AU$ 279 with the Touch Keyboard Cover) compared to an iPad (32GB) with Retina display for AU$649 (or even an older iPad 2 with only 16GB of RAM for AU$429)

Meaning that you could have two, and almost three, Surface RT devices for your students for the cost of one iPad.

Surface for students

The Surface team in the US have released another video from a college student talking about the way that his Surface RT supports his learning. It’s only a minute and a half long, and worth watching to see a student’s perspective of what drives their device choice.

If you can’t see the video above, you can view it on YouTube here


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