Colleague tip: Sports video coaching app for Windows Phone

I saw a tip today that would be really useful to PE/PD teachers, others who act as sports coaches in their spare time, and also parents like myself.

The question was:


Does anyone know of a Windows Phone app that allows you to play back a video frame by frame?

I’m trying to help someone improve their footy kicking technique by recording their action and showing it to them frame by frame.


And the answer was:


Video Coach for Windows Phone

imageVideo Coach helps you help your athletes improve their form and technique with the use of your phone's video capabilities.  You can take a video of your athlete ( or anything really ) and replay the video in slow motion, pause the video, step through it, step backwards, zoom.  All this can be accompanied by a timer which will show you exactly how long specific actions took place.


And like many other Windows Phone apps, there's a free download for trial mode if you don't want to put down the whole $0.99 cents to buy it straight away!

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