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Cover - Windows 8 Programming bookLess than a week ago, I wrote about the free Windows 8 programming ebook "Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript" from Microsoft Press. The link I gave then was to the second version, but five nights have passed, and Microsoft Press have now released the full and finished version.

So if you're interested in Windows 8 programming, then here's the book to read. It will teach you how to develop apps for the new version of Windows, and get them running on existing desktops, laptops and notebooks, as well as slates including the new Microsoft Surface.

Given the size of the book (800+ pages) and the fast and fluid nature of the subject, then it will have been a remarkable achievement to get it finished and out within a week of the Windows 8 launch, so I'm sure Kraig Brockschmidt will be having a long lie down in a dark room now.

Right now the download is a PDF book, but EPUB and MOBI formats are coming, for people who want to get it onto their Kindle, Nook etc


Learn MoreDownload the Microsoft Press free eBook "Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript"

Download the companion content for the eBook

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