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imageThose nice people at Microsoft Press released an update in August to their free ebook – it’s a preview version of “Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript”. And it seems perfect timing to highlight it (being absolutely transparent, I didn't read it when it came out, but I've started to read it this week, as I'm spending more time talking to people about building Windows 8 apps for education)

It’s the perfect guide to Windows 8 applications programming, and gives you the whole story for creating Windows 8 apps. As it’s only a second preview version, the whole thing isn’t yet there – so far there's 12 of a planned 17 chapters, along with a download of companion content (code samples etc)

If you’re interested in getting started, or you’ve got students that you know will want to have a go, then this is a great book to download and to share.

And, before you go beetling off to start writing code, can I also recommend reading building an education app for Windows 8 is about designing an experience, before writing code beforehand too.

Learn More You can either download it in PDF directly, or go and read a bit more about it on the Microsoft Press blog.

NOTE: There's now the final version of the Windows 8 programming ebook - see here
Bonus: Here’s a long list of more free technical ebooks from Microsoft Press.

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  1. Tristian Wilhoit says:

    I want to learn more about programing.Where do I go? I'm 12 years old.

    ,Tristian Wilhoit

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Just in from TraderSam:

    Join us over at reddit.com/r/learnprogramming we always have someone there to help with any questions you might have about getting started.

    If you just want to get your toes wet and sure if you're ready to take the plunge there are tons of great tools out there to introduce you to programming concepts gradually. Check out things like the Alice.org scratch.mit.edu and Microsoft's own Kodu Game Lab. These are all free and will have you making your own games in no time at all.

    Once you decide to take the plunge I'd download Visual Studio 2010 Express. It's free and provides you with everything you need to make any type or game or application you can imagine on your home PC. This again is a great time to stop by learnprogramming as we'd be happy to help you get started.

    Another great person to talk to is your school's technology teacher. They love computers so much they want nothing more then to teach you all about them.

    Best of luck and happy coding.


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