The Education Sessions at Australia Partner Conference – Part Four

This is part four of a series, covering the Education sessions at the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference.
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What are the top concerns of University CIOs

APC Slide - CIO Top Issues

At the conference I only briefly covered the top three issues for university CIOs:

  • Mobility and personal devices
  • Cloud computing issues
  • Funding & Resourcing

It’s interesting that the first two aren’t about restraints - things that limit what can be done - but are opportunities - things that can be done differently in order to expand the ICT service being offered to faculty and students, or reduce the cost of running current systems.

The full University CIO Top Ten concerns

CAUDIT (the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology) published the list of the key issues for University CIOs and IT Directors within Australia - or, as they describe it, those issues which were keeping them awake at night:

They are:

  1. Mobility & Personal devices
  2. Cloud Computing Issues
  3. Funding & Resourcing
  4. Data Storage & Management
  5. Business Continuity
  6. IT staff – Re-skilling for the future
  7. Governance & Strategy
  8. Constant Change
  9. Research Support
  10. IT staff – Recruitment & Retention

A summary, including the trends for the last 3 years can be downloaded from their site

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