A geeky sidenote on search engines

It’s Saturday, so let’s go with something off-topic for a break…

cogsI’m always interested to see the readers of this blog that end up here because of a search engine. Hopefully, you’re much more interested in what I write than the back-end geekery, but over the last couple of months I’ve had some interesting conversations with customers and partners about blogging - how to blog, and why to blog - so here’s some info that might interest you if you’ve been involved in those conversations.

What do people search for, when they end up on this blog?

Here’s the top search terms that people use, that leads them to this blog:

  1. MIS Magazine
    Odd that it is the most frequent. I suspect it’s because I’ve quoted articles and linked to the magazine (and even more bizarrely, the blog shows up on the first page of a Google search for ‘MIS Magazine’)
  2. Office 365 Education
  3. Best SharePoint sites
  4. Best university sites
  5. Australian Partner Conference
  6. Free ebooks from Microsoft Press
  7. Microsoft Australia Partner Conference
  8. Office 365 for Education
  9. Ray Fleming blog
  10. SharePoint university
  11. Top university websites
  12. Best SharePoint websites 2011
  13. Best university websites 2011

And here’s some of the more unusual searches, that also led people to the blog (spelling mistakes included):

  • Australia university electricity consumption
  • lerning platform
  • dfrewst
  • 100 graphic design brisbane
  • important of software
  • perfect student laptop
  • how to school sharepoint project
  • i like education comment
  • what to look for in a data centre
  • influences schools status has on education
  • cool sites for teachers
  • hidden data fees for kindle

Please don’t ask for the explanation of these, as it amazes me! I guess it supports the view that a high percentage of searchers don’t find the info they want on their first click! And that for every ‘search engine optimisation expert’ there’s a non-optimised search engine user…

How can you use this info? If you’re a blogger, then I’d suggest having a think about the search phrases people might use to find your site, and whether there are ways of making your content show up more often in people’s searches (which means, on the first page of a search engine)

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