It’s not just education – Coca-Cola moves to the cloud with Microsoft

Recently, I’ve highlighted quite a few case studies of education customers moving to the Microsoft Cloud. And generally, I hit ‘delete’ when I get sent case studies of commercial customers (after all, they aren’t like typical education customers, are they?). But I liked the first three paragraphs of this case study article on, which drew me in:


Some CIOs understandably treat the consumerisation of IT as a plague — a disease that must be stamped out, lest it subvert the standard operating environment they fought so hard to implement.

For Coca-Cola Amatil’s CIO, however, the consumer world is the inspiration for his next steps in the enterprise.

“Historically, we take the collaborative tools that typically start outside of the enterprise and we figure out how to bring them into the enterprise,” Barry Simpson says. “But by the time we’ve done that, we’ve taken out most of the usable features — all the things that made it great in the home market. Then we try and figure out how to connect back out again. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.”


With 15,000 employees to serve in Australia, Barry had the challenges of managing large capital spikes of investment and of continuing to meet  users’ rising expectations. Oh, and keeping the 69 mail servers running. In many ways, it’s not that different to an education customer. Except that he didn’t have access to the free Live@edu service, so had to choose the commercial equivalent (BPOS) – and make the investment decision of whether to invest in a cloud subscription or an on-premise service.

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