Surgeons use Microsoft Kinect in hospitals to speed up surgery

OK, after 'record breaking Kinect' and 'augmented reality Kinect', this is the last of the Kinect stories for a while. But this is such a great example, I have to share it.

TG Daily are reporting that doctors at Sunnybrook Hospital are using the Kinect system to view and control images of MRI and CT sacns during surgery. What that means is that instead of having to leave the sterile area around the patient (and wasting another 20 minutes in the clean-up process involved in that), they can check a patient's scans on a screen, using Kinect to zoom in and out etc. It's reported to be saving doctor's up to an hour on surgery, and reduces the amount of data a surgeon needs to remember during surgery.

Read the full story on TG Daily.

With so many unexpected uses for Kinect, it cant be long before we start to see the educational equivalents.

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