Saving money with the Core CAL suite

Computers or users which access Microsoft servers often need a specific licence called a CAL (stands for Client Access Licence). Most education customers buy these licences in a package called the Microsoft Core CAL suite - basically, a package of licences that they need for their computers to allow them to access their key server systems in the school/TAFE/University. The Core CAL Suite includes licences for Windows Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint Server. Customers who do more advanced things with their networks often choose the Enterprise CAL Suite, which gives them more advanced collaboration etc.

We've just announced that from August, the Core CAL Suite will have additional licences within it, as we'll be adding the Lync Server Standard CAL and Forefront Endpoint Protection CAL.

The changes reflect the way that technology use is changing in business and education. For example, by adding Lync (previously known as Office Communications Server), it means that you can be ahead of the curve of the deployment and use of Instant Messaging (IM) and presence across your network. Gartner say:

  By 2013, 95% of workers in Global 100 organisations will use the IM client as their primary interface for computer-based, real-time communications.  

So these changes make it easier for education customers to adopt these technologies within your existing ICT infrastructure (this is particularly important in schools, where it is unlikely that a public Instant Messaging system would meet all of the e-safety requirements for all users).

Adding Forefront Endpoint Protection means that you will have a highly-rated malware and virus protection licence included with your CAL Suite. (Forefront provides advanced antivirus, behavioural threat detection and Windows Firewall management).

Cost Saving with Core CAL in Education

By buying the Core CAL suite, customers save money on the cost of individual licences. By adding Forefront Endpoint Protection, it is likely to mean that there are additional cost savings possible, for example if you're currently spending money on alternative protection software for your network - in many cases, this could be a significant amount.

You can see what is in which CAL suite on the Microsoft website, including the August changes (marked with a * in the table below)

CAL Suite table

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Find out more about Lync on the Microsoft Lync website

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