New Online Course for General Training on The Usage of DQS

Hello everyone, We’ve recently published a new online course via edX to provide general training on the usage of DQS.  In this course, you’ll learn why your data needs cleansing, the capabilities and features of DQS, what DQS solution looks like, and how data cleansing integrates with SSIS data flow. Please check it out and let…


Configuring SSIS DQS Domain Value Import

In the previous blog article, I described how to use the free SSIS DQS Domain Value Import from OH22 data to automate importing values into a DQS Knowledge Base domain. In this article, I will go over the optional configuration to import invalid/error value types as well as to set synonyms. First, let’s quickly recap the domain…


Automating DQS Domain Value Import

There are times when you may want to update a DQS Knowledge Base through an automated process. For example, you add new products in your ERP system and you would like to make sure the new product names are added to DQS Knowledge Base automatically. A free codeplex project, SSIS DQS Domain Value Import, from OH22…


Handling error in SSIS DQS Domain Value Import

In the previous blog article, I described how to use SSIS DQS Domain Value Import. An error may occur during the execution of the project due to problems with the data. There are several available configuration options to deal with the error, related to: Flow Execution Status Logging Knowledge Base publication Flow Execution Status In…


Cleansing your Customer Data using Dun & Bradstreet DQS service

Starting today you can use SQL Server Data Quality Service (DQS) to cleanse data using Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) extensive business information data. This is done using DQS Reference Data Service (RDS) functionality. You can subscribe to the D&B Company Cleanse & Match for Microsoft SQL Server Data Quality Service from Windows Azure Marketplace, then…


Using the SSIS DQS Cleansing Component

  As part of our DQS CTP3 offering, we are releasing a new DQS SSIS component. This component incorporates the DQS cleansing functionality into an SSIS data flow.   When should I use the SSIS DQS Cleansing Component? The DQS Cleansing component can add value when: 1.       Cleansing should be performed as a batch process….