How to deny Share access for site members in SharePoint Online

I was asked, if there is a way to disable SHARE button for users with Contribute / Edit access in SharePoint. I did notice blogs talking about using code to hide SHARE button from SharePoint Ribbon and I was sure I can deny access using OOB way with Permission level and fortunately had enough time to blog my finding which might…


Disable Windows SkyDrive App using Group Policy

Now with Windows Server 2012 R2 Group Policy, you can restrict users access for the windows 8.1 SkyDrive App. I have tested this scenario in my test lab with the below configuration and it worked just fine.    Below is the configuration i tested with. Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller Windows 8.1 Client machine…


Manage Mobile devices from Exchange Online

How to Manage Mobile Devices from your Exchange Online Control Panel. Recently, i worked with a customer who wanted to control (allow / block) devices which are connecting to his Exchange Online and was looking for an Out of the box solution. To demonstrate the power of Exchange Online MDM, i followed the below steps.  …


Error while creating UPSA Synchronization connection in SharePoint 2013

Yesterday i was building my SharePoint 2013 Lab for learning purpose, things were working smooth until i step on creating User Profile Synchronization connection. I was able to populate the containers, but when i say Save / OK it gave me the below error  “There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:5725/ResourceManagementService/MEX that could accept the…


Installing and Configure DirSync with OU level filtering for Office365

Recently I had worked with one of our customer, who was looking for OU level filtering to import selected users from On-Premises active directory to Office365. Thought of writing the step-by-step process, which might be helpful for some of you.   Note: –            a.  You can install ADFS and DirSync on the same box, IT IS…


SharePoint Setup fail with error "This product requires Microsoft .net framework 4.5"

I encountered this issue while installing SharePoint 2013 RTM on Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate. For testing purpose, I tried installing SharePoint 2013 Preview on the same Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate box and it just worked. With that, I tried installing Windows Server 2012 Standard and SharePoint 2013 on it, hurray !!! everything worked.      


Powershell script for Office365 Federation

This script helps you To add a new domain and federate with your on-premise ADFS server. To federate your existing Office365 domain.   Requirement You need to run this script from the ADFS box which will federate with Office365. Basic idea of how to add a TXT entry to your hosting provider, for more info…