DEA 2.0: Telemetry and Local Audit for Database Experimentation Assistant

Database Experimentation Assistant contains an internet-enabled feature that can send telemetry information back to Microsoft. Microsoft collects telemetry to enhance the product experience and it's completely optional, the information that we collect is also saved on your computer for Local Audit so that you can always see what gets collected. All log files from DEA are saved in %temp%\DEA folder.

In addition, you can decide which events get collected, and whether the collected events get sent to Microsoft or not. There are four types of events:

  • TraceEvent: usage events for the application (e.g. “triggered stop capture”)
  • Exception: exception thrown during application usage
  • DiagnosticEvent: event log to help in diagnosing when problems occur – NOT sent to Microsoft
  • FeedbackEvent: user feedback submitted through the application

You can choose which events are collected, and whether they are sent to Microsoft.

  1. Go to the location where DEA is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Corporation\Database Experimentation Assistant)
  2. Open .config files. There are two: DEA.exe.config (for the application), DEACmd.exe.config (for the CLI).
  3. To stop collecting a type of event, please set the value of [event] (e.g. TraceEvent) to “false”. To start collecting the event again, please set the value to “true”.
  4. To stop saving local copies of events, please set the value of TraceLoggerEnabled to “false”. To start saving local copies again, please set the value to “true”.
  5. To stop sending events to Microsoft, please set the value of AppInsightsLoggerEnabled to “false”. To start sending events to Microsoft again, please set the value to “true”.

DEA is governed by Microsoft's Online Privacy Policy.

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