DEA 2.0: Updating DB Schema for Analysis Report in the Database Experimentation Assistant

New release of the Database Experimentation Assistant comes with a completely revamped analysis report. Analysis report is saved on a SQL database, and as part of the change, we have introduced a new schema for the database. You can still view the old report in the new release, but only after updating the database to match the new schema .

How to view your old report in the new release:

  1. When you connect to your report server, you will be able to see all analysis reports, old and new, on the left navigation. Old reports, however, will have an “i” next to them, indicating that their schema needs to be updated to be viewed.
  2. When you click on an old report, you will see that the report was generated using a different version of the application, along with a button to update the schema.
  3. Once the schema is updated, the “i” icon will be replaced with a green checkmark, and you will be able to view your report in the new UI.
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