New from Microsoft Labs: Change Tracking Solution for Dynamics 365 released!

If you’ve ever needed to determine which system administrator made a particular problematic change to a solution, until now the process was time-consuming – restoring a backup from the date the problem occurred and querying the database.  In Microsoft Dynamics 365, an out of the box feature to capture the changes on records by the Users or System is achieved by enabling the “Audit” for an entity but there is no out of the box feature to track the changes done by System Administrators/System Customizers or anyone having access to make a change in the application.

No more!  Microsoft Labs”has released a “Change Tracking” solution to find such information easier; check it out! The solution for Dynamics 365 (version 8.2) Online or Dynamics CRM 2016 (version 8.1), Online with documentation, is available via administrators as well as user guides are available for download via:

A downloadable solution for use by Dynamics 365 on-premise system administrators of Dynamics 365 (version 8.2) or Dynamics CRM 2016 (version 8.1), with documentation, is available via:

Notes from AppSource:

Change Tracking Solution
Microsoft Labs

A feature that provides the ability to track the changes on D365 made by System admins/customers
The Change Tracking solution helps in tracking down the details of changes on who updated an entity, JavaScript, assemblies and processes along with the time of update. This solution is built on Dynamics 365 and as well works on Dynamics CRM 2016 (Online/ On premises)


Azharuddin Mohammed
Senior Service Engineer, Dynamics 365
Microsoft Corporation

Comments (9)

  1. Rocky Sharma says:

    That is Awesome Greg!
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Lars Martin says:

    I just used your solution in our onpremise environment.
    I think it will not deliver much benefit for us as most of the time “Publish all” is used and then we only know that everything was published but not the change itself. Even when we publish each entity alone we only know that an entity was changed but not the content of the change. I just created a new attribute in entity lead and check the changetracking record after publishing the entity. It only tells me that entity lead was published but nothing else.

    I really like the idea to be able to track customizing and development changes especially in large projects with different development teams but I think the current solution will not fit this requirement.

    Bets regards

    1. Azhar M says:

      Hello Lars, Thank you for trying the solution. This is our V1 version and hence has limited capabilities. There are also limitations where we cannot capture content data unless it is published. One of the example of where you get all details is when you modify the web resources. It shows you the before and after of the changes as well.

  3. Salim Adamon says:

    Finally! Great that Microsoft has made some investments in this area.
    We tried to install the On-Premise version in a 8.2 environment and it won’t import. See image here:!Aqkuz-A4Ksw-g7FYIS-Xt_JjBYn91A
    Is it not supposed to work with 8.2 on prem?

    1. Azharuddin Mohammed says:

      Thanks for sending this Salim, will check and come back to you.

    2. Azharuddin says:

      Hi Salim,

      I have pushed the updated solution. Can you try it and see if it works for on-prem now.

      Thank you.

  4. Arun Vinoth says:

    Good one Azhar.

    Btw, I misunderstood this initially with CRM Change Tracking for Downstream Integration (

    1. Azharuddin Mohammed says:

      Thanks Arun. I can understand, this is more of a SRE solution where you want to manage the Live Site Issue in efficient way.

  5. Ayaz Ahmad says:

    Much needed solution from MS. Thanks for the effort guys!

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